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Greene King Cup & Jim Whitbread Cup Results.

The Semi-finals of The Greene King Cup will take place at The George Littlemore. 8.00pm start.

Black Prince 2-1 The Woodman
Garsington Sports 'A' 2-0 The Swan 'A'

The Semi-Finals of The Jim Whitbread Cup will take place at The Chequers Quarry. 8.00pm Start.

Vikings Sports 'D' 2-1 The Blackbird
Florence Park Club 'B' 2-1 Vikings Sports 'B'


Week 14 Early News - 09/08/2018

Week 14 Early News report.

Keith Powell from The Swan 'A' Eynsham hit sixteen dolls at home against Chequers 'C'. 4-6-6
Jeff Glenister fifteen dolls (5-5-5)for The Woodman away at The Six Bells.

Veteran Tommy Recht threw well for The Gladiators 'B' hitting thirteen dolls 5-5-3.

Competitions Play Offs Venues - 07/08/2018

Competitions Venues

Greene King Cup Semi-Finals: Monday 13th August at The George Littlemore
Jim Whitbread Cup Semi Finals: Monday 13th August at The Chequers Quarry
Monty Greenaway Fours Semi-Finals: Monday 20th August at Littlemore British Legion
Oxford Fours Semi-Finals: Monday 20th August at Littlemore British Legion
Oxford Singles & Pairs Play Offs: Monday 3rd September at The Red Lion Marston.
Parent & Child Competition: Monday 10th September at The Six Bells Kidlington.
Under 21's: Monday 10th September at The Six Bells Kidlington.
All 8.00pm Start. Full details in the competitions section.



The following games are still to be played from 'World Cup' night. These must be played by Wednesday August 8th otherwise the game will be declared void and neither team will receive points or dolls.

Section 4:
Six Bells 'A' v Donnington Club 'B'
Section 8:
Gladiators 'C' v Catherine Wheel 'A'
White Hart Wytham v Headington Con Club
White Hart 'B' v Democrats 'B'

Singles Results - 26/07/2018

Singles Results 2018

Full results are now in the competitions section.

The following players made it through to the Oxford Singles play offs
John Baily, Kevin Stuart (The George 'A') Rob Bradford (Black Prince)
Willy Waite (Bullnose 'A') Terry Stuart (Swan 'A') Steve Walton (Donnington Club 'A') Mark Rollins (The Woodman) Andy Lewis (Ampleforth Arms 'A')

Liam Costar & Joe Bandrowski (Masons Arms 'B' ) are in the final of The Ted Houghton singles.

Singles Competitions this week - 24/07/2018


If you can not make it to the venue this Wednesday please let the secretary know asap so the draw can be adjusted before the night.

Those playing at Garsington Sports Club please be aware the main road into Garsington is closed due to a sink hole near the old Red Lion Pub. Access is via the Watlington Road, past the scrapyard and up towards the old Plough pub.

All outstanding games from the 11th July (World Cup night) must be played by Wednesday 8th August

Early Week 12 News - 19/07/2018

Early Week 12 news....

Brian Reidy from The George 'A' hit sixteen dolls (5-6-5) away at The Woodman.
The George became the first team to hit over 90 dolls this season, 31-31-30.

No wonder he hit 16 dolls with that Aunt Sally stick!


Competitions Update - 18/07/2018

Competitions updated

The draw for the Quarter Finals of The Monty Greenaway Fours, and the Semi Final venues for The Greene King Cup & Jim Whitbread Cup are all in the competitions section.

Competitions - 09/07/2018

All competition results in.

All results in the competitions section.

Next round draw will take place on Monday 16th July.

WORLD CUP UPDATE - 09/07/2018


England have got through to the semi-finals, and it is due to be played on Wednesday July 11th. If you have not made alternative plans, make sure you do before Wednesday.
Please be as flexible as possible. It has been suggested to cancel all games and play them at the end of the season. We have looked at that, however some teams want to play this Wednesday and others have stated they will not have a full team then due to holidays. Also it would mean an emergency AGM to change rule 18 and there was not enough time.

REMEMBER: Rules 16 & 17. The other team do not have to agree to change of date. The game can only be rescheduled if both teams agree, if one does not then it must be played on that Wednesday. The team not turning up will not be awarded any dolls or points and the other team will be given a 3-0 win and their players only an average score.
You must inform the secretary of any change and these must be played within 28 days, ie. August 8th.
For those not playing in any competitions on Wednesday 25th July would be an ideal time to play the game.

Week 8 News - 22/06/2018

Week 8 News Items

Paul Sawyer from The Six Bells 'E' Kidlington hit 4-6-6 at home against The George 'A'.
Top scorers
Paul Sawyer (Six Bells 'E') 4-6-6
Simon King (The Swan 'B') 4-6-5
Chris Webb (Gladiators'B') 5-6-4

Eight weeks into the season and 800 players have taken part so far!

We are now on Facebook - 21/06/2018

We are now on Facebook. Click on the Facebook icon, top right hand corner.

Videos, pictures and more will be added as time goes on. Please feel free to report on any games etc, but no abuse will be tolerated.
Some of you may get a large Facebook logo come up covering half the screen. All you need to do is refresh the page a couple of times or completely log out of the website and then back in.

LATEST NEWS - 17/06/2018


It is with much regret The Golden Ball 'B' in Section 8 have had to withdraw from the league. The League table and dolls has been updated.

Competitions results and all updates completed.
Second round draw will be on Monday 18th June.

Congratulations to the following for getting through to the Oxford Pairs Quarter Finals.
Ken Maunder & Trevor Greenaway, Darren Cox & Clive Proudfoot (Garsington Sports 'A')
Paul Townsend & Neil Lyon (Three Pigeons)
Lee Hazell & Fred Sawyer (Six Bells 'E')
Nigel King & Mark Poulter (Red Lion 'A' Yarnton)
Chris Jenkins & Kevin Giles, Dennis Butler & Kevin Baker (Gladiators 'A')
Steve McAteer & Ian McAteer (Black Prince)

Congratulations to
Jamie McMahon & Jamie Debanks (Bullnose Morris 'B') and Garry Rees & Dave Simms (The Blackbird) who will meet in the Lower Sections Pairs Final

Week 7 News - 07/06/2018

Week 7 news.

Good weather = Good throwing
Ray Grant (The Woodman) 16 dolls 5-6-5.
Lee Hazell (Six Bells 'E') 15 dolls 5-5-5.
Chris Webb (Gladiators 'B') 15 dolls 5-5-5.
Pete Rampton (Six Bells 'D') 15 dolls 5-5-5

Highest Legs:
Garsington Sports 'A' 34 & 30 away at Three Pigeons.
Three Pigeons 33 at home to Garsington Sports.
Black Prince 33 away at The Chequers.
The Woodman 32 away at The George.
Gladiators 'A' 30 away at Six Bells(and lose).


Competitions start tonight with The Greene King & Jim Whitbread Cups.

Competitions start tonight with The Greene King & Jim Whitbread Cups. Please ring in the results asap. Result cards are not required.
Fours Competitions next Monday 11th June and the Pairs on Wednesday June 13th. If you can not make the Pairs please let me know ASAP so the draw can be revised.

Week 6 News - 31/05/2018

Week 6 News

Paul Townsend (Three Pigeons) hit fifteen dolls (5-4-6) away at The Chequers 'C'

Paul Townsend (Three Pigeons)
Andy Beal (Gladiators 'A')
Luke Purcell (The George 'A')
Nick Chapman (Florence Park 'A')
Ray Townsend (Six Bells 'E')
Mark Rollins (The Woodman)
Jon Townsend (The Swan 'A')

The Swan 'A' with 32 away at The George 'A'


Week 5 News - 24/05/2018

Week 5 News

Barry Ruffels hit fifteen (5-5-5) for Garsington Sports Club A at home to Six Bells E.
Black Prince hit the highest leg so far with 33.

Section 8 game between Catherine Wheel 'A' and The Original Swan which should have been played on Wednesday 2nd May, called off by The Original Swan.
Game awarded to Catherine Wheel 'A'. 3 Points & players dolls awarded to Catherine Wheel, nothing to The Original Swan.

Missing cards from last week
Section 8
Catherine Wheel A v Headington Con Club
White Hart Wytham v Golden Ball B

Week 4 News - 18/05/2018

Week 4 News

Early indications are the cold weather affected a lot of the throwing. Premier pacesetters Black Prince and Gladiators 'A' both lost their unbeaten status.
Highest Leg: The Swan 'A' with 30 at home to The Black Prince.

Democrats A in Section 5 finally win a game. They last tasted victory fifteen games ago back in early last season.

Mick Jessett (Black Horse 'B')
Roger Goodall (Garsington Sports 'B')
Lee Thompson (The Swan 'A')
Robert Jacobs (Vikings Sports 'A')
Darren Walker (George B)
Ashley Keenan (The Woodman)

Competitions Draws - 14/05/2018

Competition draws

All the competition draws and venues have been completed. All in the Competitions section. Ted Houghton singles & Lower Section Pairs have been updated 18/05/2018

Cancelling Games - 13/05/2018

Cancelling games

A few games have been cancelled and re arranged for another time. A reminder of what should happen.
Firstly as per rule 17: 'Any games cancelled for what ever reason shall be played within 28 days, without going past the end of season. BOTH teams must agree a revised date at the time of cancellation and the secretary INFORMED. Games not played within the 28 days points and dolls will be void'
You should give as much notice as possible, calling a game off should only be in exceptional circumstances, not because your best player/s are on holiday or at work. If it means playing with seven players so be it.
While we want all games to be played, teams do not have to agree to cancel a game if they are unable to play another night.

Week 3 News - 10/05/2018

Week 3 News

Black Prince made it 9 straight leg wins after defeating Garsington Sports 'A' in the Premier Section 3-0.
Lee Hazell (Six Bells 'E' Kidlington)
Roger Alder & Dave Green (Chequers 'C')
Roger Goodall (Garsington Sports 'B')
Harry Jenkins (Chequers 'B')
Ian Turner (Vikings Sports 'C')
Steve McAteer & Rob Bradford (Black Prince)
Luke Purcell (The George 'A')
Dave Simms (Ampleforth Arms 'A')

Top doll scorer
Darren Cox (Garsington Sports Club 'A') 15... 5-5-5
Highest Leg
Gladiators 'A' 29 away at The Three Pigeons

Please take team photos or individual photos of top scorers and send in to me.

Week 2 News - 05/05/2018

Week 2 News

Chris Jenkins hit 16 dolls for Gladiators Club at The Swan 'B' Eynsham (5-6-5)
Chris Jenkins (Gladiators A)
Martin Seacole (Three Pigeons)
Jason Coates (The Swan B)
Jonny McMahon (The Bullnose A)

Top leg Three Pigeons at The Woodman 33
The following cards have not been received and therefore will be classed void games. No points or dolls.

Section 7
Golden Ball A v Black Horse A

While we accept text, WhatsApp and e-mail for the result cards we still must have the hard copy of the card. The following cards are missing from the first week. These must be retuned ASAP.
Section 2:
Red Lion 'A' Yarnton v Six Bells D Kidlington
Donnington Club A v Queens Head B
Section 3:
Vikings Sports A v Six Bells B Kidlington
Queens Head A v Donnington Club C
Section 7:
Chequers B v Gladiators D
Section 8:
Original Swan v White Hart Wytham


Competitions - 01/05/2018

Competitions closing date

All competition forms must be returned by this Saturday 5th May. Forms can be downloaded from the Competitions section. No forms or name changes will be accepted after this date. Please only enter the Singles & Pairs if you are available to play on the night.

Top Scorer Week 1 - 26/04/2018

Top Scorer and sixer's this week so far.......

Darren Cox from Garsington Sports 'A' away at The George 'A' hit sixteen dolls 6-5-5.
Highest Leg Score: Gladiators A & Garsington Sports A: 29
Darren Cox, Garsington Sports
Kevin Giles, Gladiators' A'
Pete Rampton, Six Bells D Kidlington
Phil Austin, Black Prince

The following result card is missing. If not received by Monday both teams and players will get no points & no dolls.
Section 4
New Club v Green Road Club

NEW SEASON - 23/04/2018


A few points for the coming season.
Please make sure you send the result cards in ASAP. Take a picture of the scoreboard or result card in case it goes missing. You can send Andy a picture of the card by, text, WhatsApp or e-mail, but the hard copy must be sent in the post as well. Please take team photos and make sure you tick who sets per leg as it makes writing the report in the Oxford Mail easier.

Two of the main moans every season is calling and foot faults. Calling is down to the designated caller and we hope that everyone calls fairly and to the best of their ability. When throwing, your foot must be behind the oche, not on it or in front of it. If this is happening, give the captain a reminder so it don't happen in the next throw.

All games should be played on a Wednesday as per fixture sheet. If you need to cancel a game, and it must be for a good reason, not because your best player is on holiday or working, contact the team asap to try and rearrange. No one is under any obligation to change a game, but hope that common sense will prevail.The fixtures secretary must be informed immediately. You have 28 days to play the game. We hope that no games will be claimed, so try and come up with a replacement date. All teams have at least 10 players signed on, if you can only muster up seven players, then you play with seven players.

Inter League - 13/04/2018

Oxford League are the Inter League winners. Full report in the reports section.




Please study fixtures early as teams numbered 7,8,9,10 will have teams at home on the same night during the season.
Fixture sheets, rules, result cards and competition forms will be ready to collect from The Gladiators Club on Monday 16th April 8.00pm.
Finals night. Friday 12th October at Cowley Workers Club.


TEAMS REGISTERED SO FAR Grading meeting Tuesday 3rd April.

These are the teams that are registered for the 2018 season.
If your team is not on here please contact Andy Beal ASAP
We have three spaces still available.
Ampleforth Arms A
Ampleforth Arms B
Black Horse 'A'
Black Horse B
Black Prince
Bletchingdon Sports Club
Bullnose Morris A
Bullnose Morris B
Catherine Wheel A
Catherine Wheel B
Chequers A
Chequers B
Chequers C
Cowley Workers
Cricketers Arms Cowley
Cricketers Arms Littleworth
Democrats Club A
Democrats Club B
Donington Club C
Donnington Club A
Donnington Club B
Duke Of Monmouth
Florence Park A
Florence Park B
Garsington Sports A
Garsington Sports B
Gladiators A
Gladiators B
Gladiators C
Gladiators D
Golden Ball A
Golden Ball B
Green Road Club A
Headington Con club
Kidlington F.C
Littlemore B.L. 'A'
Littlemore B.L. 'B'
Marston B.L. 'A'
Marston B.L. 'B'
Masons Arms A
Masons Arms B
New Club
North Oxford Con
Northway Club B
Northway Club C
Original Swan
Queens Head A
Queens Head B
Red Lion Cassington
Red Lion A Marston
Red Lion B Marston
Red Lion A Yarnton
Red Lion B Yarnton
Rose Hill
Seacourt Bridge
Six Bells A Kidlington
Six Bells B Kidlington
Six Bells D Kidlington
Six Bells E Kidlington
Swan A
Swan B
Swan C
The Blackbird
The George A
The George B
The Tandem
The Woodman
Three Pigeons
Tiddington Cricket Club
Vikings Sports A
Vikings Sports B
Vikings Sports C
Vikings Sports D
White Hart A Wolvercote
White Hart B Wolvercote
White Hart Wytham

New Season UPDATE - 17/03/2018


Entry to the league has now closed. We will accept a few more entrants as they come in however this WILL BE ON A FIRST COME basis. Once we have enough all other forms will go on the reserve list.
Season to start April 25th.

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