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Premier Section for 2012
Neil Lyon THREE PIGEONSPremier18226 12.56
Roger Goodall SIX BELLS 'C' KidlingtonPremier18224 12.44
Kevin Giles THREE PIGEONSPremier18222 12.33
Eddie Edwards THREE PIGEONSPremier18204 11.33
Kevin Baker CRICKETERS 'B'Premier18194 10.78
Mick Berry RED LION 'A' EynshamPremier18186 10.33
Pete Dempsey THREE PIGEONSPremier18186 10.33
Paul Townsend THREE PIGEONSPremier18183 10.17
Dick Walsh SIX BELLS 'C' KidlingtonPremier17182 10.71
Terry Stuart RED LION 'A' EynshamPremier18179 9.94
Section 1 for 2012
Ken Maunder GARSINGTON SPORTS 'A'18201 11.17
Paul Holt RED LION 'B' Kidlington16170 10.63
Trevor Greenaway GARSINGTON SPORTS 'A'17167 9.82
Steve Bayliss RED LION 'B' Kidlington17163 9.59
Chris Jenkins GLADIATORS 'A'17159 9.35
Steve Greenough GARSINGTON SPORTS 'A'17157 9.24
Barry Ruffels GARSINGTON SPORTS 'A'18157 8.72
Billy Trinder GARSINGTON SPORTS 'A'16154 9.63
Martin Cook GLADIATORS 'A'16153 9.56
Keith Weller GLADIATORS 'A'15149 9.93
Section 1A for 2012
Dave Green BLACK SWAN18186 10.33
John Horton BLACK SWAN18181 10.06
Adrian Shepherd NEW CLUB 'A'17168 9.88
Ian Houghton RED LION Brill17164 9.65
Dave Crocker NEW CLUB 'A'18161 8.94
Robert Taylor RED LION Brill18159 8.83
Tony Bradford NEW CLUB 'A'17156 9.18
John Curran BLACK SWAN18142 7.89
Ronnie Wade RED LION Brill17140 8.24
Brian Munt NEW CLUB 'A'17139 8.18
Section 2 for 2012
Alan Holt BLACK PRINCE1618411.5
Tony Barrett SIX BELLS1617510.94
Simon King RED LION 'B' Eynsham181649.11
Chris Webb COWLEY WORKERS1616310.19
Robert Bradford AMPLEFORTH ARMS181639.06
Mark Revill RED LION 'B' Eynsham171619.47
Mark Washington AMPLEFORTH ARMS161599.94
Robin Charlton VIKINGS SPORTS 'B'181598.83
Neil Pratley WOODMAN INN161549.63
Dave Simms AMPLEFORTH ARMS181538.5
Section 3 for 2012
Kevin Stuart ROSE HILL CLUB 'B'1819710.94
Willy Waite BULLNOSE MORRIS 'A'1616410.25
Andy Lewis THREE HORSESHOES181538.5
Darren Cox TEAM MONARCH1515210.13
Craig Beal ORIGINAL SWAN 'A'161509.38
Clive Proudfoot TEAM MONARCH171478.65
Terry Lester GREEN ROAD CLUB181427.89
Malcolm Hill THREE HORSESHOES181397.72
Craig Greenough ORIGINAL SWAN 'A'151389.2
Gary Coulthard BULLNOSE MORRIS 'A'161378.56
Section 4 for 2012
Danny Brown SEACOURT BRIDGE1717410.24
Clive Tutton KING & QUEEN 'A'181679.28
Neale Clarkson KENNINGTON CLUB 'A'181548.56
Glyn Millard FAIRVIEW INN 'A'181478.17
Tony Nicols SIX BELLS 'A'171468.59
Keith Quinell KIDLINGTON SPORTS 'B'171448.47
Dave Williams KIDLINGTON SPORTS 'B'171448.47
Alan Wood SIX BELLS 'A'181448
Phil Wright KING & QUEEN 'A'181427.89
Section 5 for 2012
Mick Richardson NORTH OXFORD CON CLUB 'A'171438.41
Jeremy Launchbury CROWN 'A'171408.24
Barry Gilding NEW CLUB 'B'171368
Lee Worrall FOLLY BRIDGE INN181357.5
Mick Rowe NORTH OXFORD CON CLUB 'A'181347.44
Paul Wallington PHEASANT INN181347.44
Rob Jacobs VIKINGS SPORTS 'C'171337.82
Ian Gardiner VIKINGS SPORTS 'C'181317.28
Jack Wells VIKINGS SPORTS 'C'181307.22
Ian Sharp PHEASANT INN171287.53
Section 6 for 2012
Pete Shepherd QUEENS HEAD 'A'181629
Pete Kennett QUARRY GATE181488.22
Joe Bandruwski MASONS ARMS 'B'181427.89
James Morrison MASONS ARMS 'B'161408.75
Steve James QUEENS HEAD 'A'181397.72
Lee Anderson RED LION 'A' Kidlington161358.44
Nigel Bower KING & QUEEN 'B'171347.88
John Cleaton KING & QUEEN 'B'171297.59
Gary Bastable QUARRY GATE181287.11
Chris Jilbert MASONS ARMS 'B'181277.06
Section 7 for 2012
Richard Cooper NUT TREE181397.72
Kirk Ridgeway SIX BELLS 'D'171307.65
Paul Burden CRICKETERS 'A'181277.06
Duncan Merry RED LION 'C' Eynsham181277.06
Graham Reading RED LION 'C' Eynsham171257.35
Steve Christy CRICKETERS 'A'171247.29
David Crook NUT TREE171247.29
Neil Brook RED LION Islip171227.18
Paul Collins RED LION 'C' Eynsham181226.78
Tony Eeles GOLDEN BALL 'B'161217.56
Section 8 for 2012
Derek Stansfield KINGS ARMS181437.94
Ray Barson RED LION 'B'181417.83
Jon Dunhill FAIRVIEW INN 'B'151318.73
Mike Horn BRILL SPORTS CLUB 'A'181317.28
Mark Faulkner GOLDEN BALL 'A'181307.22
Dave Rudman GOLDEN BALL 'A'161298.06
Damien Faulkner FAIRVIEW INN 'B'181297.17
Pat Williams ORIGINAL SWAN 'B'161227.63
Seamus Omalley SIX BELLS 'B'161137.06
Selby Smith CATHERINE WHEEL181126.22
Section 9 for 2012
Matthew Arnold CROWN Chalgrove181448
Peter Sellar CROWN Chalgrove171418.29
John Burnell BRILL SPORTS CLUB 'B'181216.72
Chris Cox THE KITE INN 'A181216.72
Daniel Price CROWN Chalgrove171176.88
John Warland CHEQUERS 'D'161147.13
Rory Mangan CHEQUERS 'D'171096.41
Ryan Daly BRILL SPORTS CLUB 'B'181096.06
Ben Green CHEQUERS 'D'171076.29
James Malin CROWN Chalgrove171066.24
Section 10 for 2012
Steve Jessop LITTLEMORE B.L.161257.81
Dan Rawlings THE PRIORY181236.83
Richard Berry LITTLEMORE B.L.161207.5
Nigel Debanks CORNER HOUSE131189.08
Tony Flett PRINCE OF WALES Iffley161066.63
Steve Trotter THE PRIORY181005.56
Wayne Mazey THE PRIORY15976.47
Tim Rackley THE PRIORY16885.5
Sam Higgs KENNINGTON CLUB 'B'15855.67
Richard Mayhew THE BULLNOSE 'B'17855
Section 11 for 2012
Andy Durham FLORENCE PARK 'B'181186.56
Marcus Copelin RED LION 'A' Cassington161006.25
David Lammin FLORENCE PARK 'B'16955.94
Martin Coulthard FLORENCE PARK 'B'18905
Barry White RED LION Old Marston13856.54
Paul Fletcher KINGS ARMS15825.47
David Davies FLORENCE PARK 'B'18824.56
Francis Cartwright FLORENCE PARK 'B'17774.53
Adrian Bull RED LION Old Marston16754.69
Matt Todd RED LION 'B' Wolvercote15734.87

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