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Premier Section for 2008
Steve Walton GEORGE' A'Premier18219 12.17
Kevin Giles GEORGE' A'Premier18218 12.11
Kevin Baker CRICKETERS 'B'Premier18215 11.94
Den Butler GEORGE' A'Premier18212 11.78
Den Sellar CRICKETERS 'B'Premier18208 11.56
Alan Goodgame WHITE HOUSE 'A'Premier17193 11.35
Pip Goulding CRICKETERS 'B'Premier18188 10.44
Adie Cross WHITE HOUSE 'A'Premier16183 11.44
Dave Sawyer GEORGE' A'Premier16177 11.06
Dick Walsh WHITE HOUSE 'A'Premier18177 9.83
Section 1 for 2008
Neil Lyon THREE PIGEONS18210 11.67
Adi Shepherd NEW CLUB 'A'17203 11.94
Ken Maunder GARSINGTON SPORTS CLUB18196 10.89
Dave Townsend THREE PIGEONS16186 11.63
Pete Dempsey THREE PIGEONS18181 10.06
Keith Powell RED LION 'A'17180 10.59
Martin Cook GLADIATORS CLUB 'A18178 9.89
Barry Ruffles GARSINGTON SPORTS CLUB18178 9.89
Gavin Anderson KINGS ARMS17176 10.35
Colin Pollard KINGS ARMS17175 10.29
Section 1A for 2008
Section 2 for 2008
David Green BLACK SWAN 'A'1818810.44
John Curran BLACK SWAN 'A'1717610.35
Pete Shepherd GEORGE 'B'181759.72
Tony Bradford TURNER ARMS181749.67
Barry Gilding NEW CLUB 'B'181739.61
John Weller ROYAL SUN1517011.33
Martin Green BLACK SWAN 'A'181639.06
Robert Taylor RED LION Brill171629.53
Gary Coulthard GEORGE 'B'181588.78
Dave Williams KIDLINGTON SPORTS 'B'181548.56
Section 3 for 2008
Glyn Millard FAIRVIEW INN 'A'1819010.56
Steve Tooke CHEQUERS 'B'181789.89
Dave Britnell GREEN ROAD CLUB181749.67
Alan Davies VIKINGS 'B'181679.28
Brian Simpson DONNINGTON CLUB 'A'171629.53
Pete Kennett QUARRY GATE 'B'181629
Philip Simpson DONNINGTON CLUB 'A'181608.89
Robin Charlton VIKINGS 'B'161469.13
David Leopold GARDINER ARMS161438.94
Carl Edgington WHITE HOUSE 'B'171438.41
Section 4 for 2008
Paul Sawyer MASONS ARMS 'A'1618611.63
Kevin Masterson VIKINGS 'A'181649.11
Phil Hounslow QUARRY GATE 'A'181629
Mark Revill RED LION 'B' Eynsham181618.94
Ray Townsend RED LION Islip181548.56
Chris Webb COWLEY WORKERS181518.39
Clive Tutton THE BULL181498.28
Monty Morgan GOLDEN BALL 'B'171478.65
Phil Wright THE BULL171448.47
Robin Busby RED LION Islip161398.69
Section 5 for 2008
Paul Holt THE DOGWOOD1818810.44
Jeff Glenster LORD KITCHENER 'B'181659.17
Keith Vickers HIGHFIELD CLUB 'A'181659.17
Terry Beal THE BLACKBIRD161479.19
Brian Gough WHITMORE ARMS171418.29
Malcolm Hill RED LION Garsington181407.78
Ray Peachey LORD KITCHENER 'B'171388.12
John Lehane CROWN 'A'181377.61
Malolm Skuce WHITMORE ARMS181367.56
Dave Edmonds KIDLINGTON SPORTS 'A'181337.39
Section 6 for 2008
Kevin Stuart RED LION Old Marston1819710.94
John Cleaton CRICKETERS ARMS 'A'181578.72
Derek Stansfield CRICKETERS ARMS 'A'181568.67
Norman Holloway RED LION Old Marston171549.06
Darren Cox TEAM MONARCH171448.47
Jim Flynn RED LION Old Marston171438.41
Nigel Bower CRICKETERS ARMS 'A'181427.89
Bob Price NUT TREE171317.71
Dan Thompson DEMOCRATS CLUB181317.28
Sam Turner GOLDEN BALL 'A'171267.41
Section 7 for 2008
Roger Herbert RED COW181267
Simon Plested EIGHT BELLS181156.39
Bob Kirby CROWN 'B'181025.67
Alvin Knowles BARLEY MOW181005.56
Tony Bourton CROWN 'B'18995.5
Pat Long HIGHFIELD CLUB 'B'15976.47
Colin Grant PLOUGH 'B'17915.35
Peter Andrews EIGHT BELLS16875.44
Darren Stjohn EIGHT BELLS15825.47
David Wheeler ASHTON CLUB16825.13
Section 8 for 2008
Jason Coates WHITE HART181528.44
Tony Nicholls BLACK HORSE 'A'161459.06
Kevin Stone JOLLY POSTBOYS181357.5
Paul Wallington CHANDOS ARMS 'B'181347.44
Graham Morton CHEQUERS 'C'181297.17
Clive Wright KINGS ARMS151258.33
Pete Stammers BLACK HORSE 'A'181256.94
Mick Westell KINGS ARMS181206.67
Ian Sharpe CHANDOS ARMS 'B'161187.38
Alan Bolster CHANDOS ARMS 'B'171186.94
Section 9 for 2008
Terry Cox HEADINGTON B.L.181307.22
Ray Barsons RED LION 'B' Casington171227.18
Brian Reidy CAVALIER 'A'181126.22
Maurice Young SOMERSET HOUSE181126.22
Graham Moon SHELLY ARMS141117.93
Chris Jilbert MASONS ARMS 'B'161116.94
Brian Lester LITTLEMORE RUGBY CLUB151107.33
Graham Hambridge NELSON 'B'151097.27
Brian Mossop HEADINGTON B.L.151077.13
Bob Ellis MASONS ARMS 'B'171056.18
Section 10 for 2008
Robert Jacobs NORTHWAY CLUB181397.72
Ian Turner NORTHWAY CLUB171327.76
Martin Wanless PLOUGH 'A'171247.29
Brian Vickers NORTHWAY CLUB151228.13
Malcolm Smith THE FOX151228.13
Lee Wanless PLOUGH 'A'181216.72
Trevor Paczoska CATHERINE WHEEL141107.86
Sam Hutton THE FOX161086.75
Steve Cook PLOUGH 'A'181086
Wayne Moyes PLOUGH 'A'181055.83
Section 11 for 2008
Andy Creasey JOLLY SPORTSMAN181327.33
Martyn Boulton DONNINGTON ARMS161298.06
Tracy Denton KINGS ARMS LADIES181297.17
Brian Mccready JOLLY SPORTSMAN161217.56
Charlie Guinan FOLLY BRIDGE INN161197.44
Nigel Wood BLACK HORSE 'B'171136.65
Mick Allen DONNINGTON ARMS181065.89
Neil Jackson CHEQUERS 'D'151057
Steve Botcherby JOLLY SPORTSMAN171015.94
Paul Creasey JOLLY SPORTSMAN15976.47
Section 12 for 2008
James Dineen JACK RUSSELL161167.25
Seamus Omalley SIX BELLS 'B'151036.87
Daryl Connelly SIX BELLS 'B'13866.62
Chris Cox JOHN RADLIFFE CLUB16835.19
Steve Holden SIX BELLS 'B'16825.13
Richard Clack RAILWAY CLUB16825.13
Andy Barrett RAILWAY CLUB16754.69
Scott Wiggins SIX BELLS 'B'12726
Brian Haywood OXFORD RUGBY CLUB13715.46
Brian Dallimore RAILWAY CLUB15714.73

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