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Week 3 Report

Into the third week of the season and the scores are improving with The Black Prince leading the way by hitting 92 dolls in their 3-0 win at home to Donnington Club ‘C’. Setting in all three legs they started off with an impressive 33, Donnington replying with 17. In the second leg Prince hit 30 and in the chase Donnington left anchor man Steve Greenough six to tie. He gave it a good go hitting five to leave them just one short with 29. Prince then claimed maximum points in the final leg 29-21. Roger Goodall (5-5-3) and Dick Walsh (5-3-5) both his a baker’s dozen for The Prince.
Gladiators A’ hit 90 dolls in their 3-0 victory at The George ‘A’. Martin Cook was in tremendous form as he clanged off fourteen dolls (5-5-4) and was well supported by Chris Jenkins (4-5-4) and all eight players hitting double figures as they won all three legs 31-26, 30-25, 29-22.
Cowley Workers ‘B’ take an early lead in Section One after they had to come from behind to beat Garsington Sports 2-1 who won the opening leg 19-18. Workers recovered well to win the next two legs and game 19-14, 21-17.
Ampleforth Arms ‘A’ are still seeking their first win after losing out to North Leigh FC 2-1 in the leg scores of 24-21, 20-21, 24-18.
The Swan ‘A’ made it three wins out of three after they beat New Club at home 3-0. Playing with a man short New Club were never really in the contest, although they could have claimed the opening leg only losing out by two dolls 17-15. Swan then took advantage of the extra man winning the next two legs 25-16, 27-15.

In Section 2 the battle between the two Six Bell’s teams ‘A’ & ‘D’ were tipped in the D sides favour by Pete Rampton (4-5-4) and Steve Ward (1-6-5) excelling for the D team even though both teams ended up with 54 dolls. Six Bells D won the opening two legs 18-13, 21-19 with the A team grabbing a point in the final leg 22-15.
Ben Green hit a consistent dozen dolls (4-4-4) to guide the Chequers ‘B’ to a maximum 3-0 win at home to Donnington Club ‘A’ in the leg scores of 20-16,18-16, 17-13.
Darren Trinder and James Bennett both hit a six for Vikings Club ‘A’ in their 3-0 away win at Gladiators ‘B’. They won all three legs 23-20, 21-19, 19-13.
Red Lion ‘A’ Yarnton hit 26 and won the second leg away at Queens Head but that was to be their only success as Queens Head won the other two legs 20-13,19-18.
Ian Sharp clanged off a six in his dozen dolls (4-6-2)for Seacourt Bridge in their 2-1 victory at home to Chequers 'A' 21-16, 24-15, 15-18.

In Section 3, The Blackbird continue their perfect start and make it three wins out three when they took all three legs at home to The George ‘B’. Blackbirds lead off man Garry Rees struggled in the first two legs with two scores of one but then turned it around and clanged off a six in the final leg as they won all three 13-9, 11-11, 18-12, the second leg decided on three sticks.
Masons Arms ‘A’ claimed another 3-0 win this time at home to Vikings Club ‘B’ 12-12 15-12, 18-9 (first leg on three sticks 5-4). Kevin Duffy starred for the Masons with eleven dolls 3-4-4.
Donnington Club ‘B’ are still seeking their first win of the season after losing at home to The Catherine Wheel 2-1. They started off well wining the opening leg 17-14 however that was to be their only success as Catherine Wheel hit back in the next two legs 14-11, 15-12.
Cricketers Arms Littleworth failed to take maximum points at The Ampleforth Arms when they imploded in the second leg. Successfully winning the first leg with ease 18-10 they were then set only 10 in the next leg. In reply they needed only two dolls from their last two players to go two up but both players failed to trouble the doll with two blobs to give the Amp an unexpected point. Cricketers recovered well in the final and deciding leg 14-9.

In Section 4 Nick Chapman shone for The Duke of Monmouth with 11 dolls (3-5-3) however it was all in vain as they lost all three legs at Six Bells Quarry 13-10, 13-11, 10-10 (on three sticks 5-4).
Masons Arms ‘B’ started off with a bang at Red Lion B Yarnton winning the first leg 20-14. Red Lion came storming back to level in the second leg 19-11. Scores dropped in the final leg with Masons setting and winning 10-8.
There were some high scoring between Rose Hill Club and Bletchinton Sports Club. Rose Hill won the opener 19-18 with Blethington levelling in the second leg 18-14. They then claimed victory in the final leg 24-12.

In Section 5 White Horse got their first win of the season and in turn inflicted the first defeat of the season upon Red Lion Cassington when they came away with a maximum win. They won all three legs 14-12, 12-11, 18-12.
The Swan ‘C’ Eynsham literally played with six players after two of their players blobbed out for the night, however they still managed to grab an unexpected 2-1 win at home to Cricketers Arms Cowley. Swan won the opener 16-7 but then only could set 8 in the next leg which Cricketers sailed past with 17. Swan claimed the victory in the final leg 15-11.
It was a long night at Littlemore Rugby Club in their clash with Northway Club ‘C’ after the opening leg went to five throws. It was tied 14-14, three sticks could not separate them 3-3 and one stick 1-1. So back to six sticks and tied again 10-10 before The Rugby Club finally clinched it on three sticks 4-3. Northway struck immediately back to win the next two legs 16-13, 11-9.
Mick Cox for Northway Club ‘B’ improved as the night went on, after hitting two 1’s in the first two legs he excelled in the final leg whipping off a maximum six in their 3-0 win at home to White Hart, 16-6, 11-5, 17-5.

SIXERS: P.Rampton, S.Ward (Six Bells ‘D’) D.Trinder, J.Bennett (Vikings Club ‘A’) G.Rees (The Blackbird) M.Cox (Northway Club ‘B’) I.Sharp (Seacourt Bridge)

BLOBBERS: D.Edmonds, D.Smith, L.Walsh (Six Bells ‘C’ ) J.Whittington (Duke Of Monmouth) M.Ormrod, A.King (Swan ‘C’)

14: M.Cook (Gladiators ‘A’)
13: C.Jenkins (Gladiators ‘A’) D.Walsh, R.Goodall (Black Prince) P.Rampton (Six Bells ‘D’)


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