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Week 12 Report

The Chequers ‘A’ finally tasted victory after twelve attempts when they came from behind to beat The Red Lion ‘A’ Yarnton 2-1. It was not looking good for The Chequers when they lost the first leg 21-15 but they bounced back in the second leg 23-20. Chequers then set 25 in the final leg and despite a six from Mark Poulter Red Lion fell two short with 23 as Chequers celebrated a win at last.
The clash between the Swan ‘A’ & Swan ‘B turned out to be a drab affair with the A team running out easy winners 3-0. Lee Thompson with fourteen dolls (6-5-3) starred for the A team as they won all three legs 25-24, 28-21, 26-23.
The Gladiators ‘A’ dropped a precious point at home to The George ‘A’. The Glad’s could only set 23 in the opening leg and it looked like they might have got away with it when in return The George left their last two players needing ten to win. Billy Trinder whipped off five dolls and then anchor man Kevin Stuart also hit five to give the George an unexpected win. The Gladiators immediately hit back to win the next two legs 30-20, 28-24.
New Club ‘A’ have opened up a seven point gap at the top of Section One when they surprisingly came away from The Black Prince with a 2-1 win. The Prince set an imposing score of 29 in the first leg which The New Club brushed aside and hit 31 in reply to take an early lead. New Club then unexpectedly won the next leg when only setting 24, Prince could only hit 21 in reply. Prince just about redeemed themselves in the final leg winning it by a small margin 26-24. Phil Austin for The Prince was top dog with fourteen dolls (6-4-4).
Garsington Sports Club title ambitions were badly damaged when they came away from The Woodman empty handed. A poor night from the Sportsmen saw them lose all three legs 23-18, 22-21, 21-19.

Section 2 leaders Donnington Club ‘C’ beat one of their close rivals Six Bells ‘D’ Kidlington in a hard close fought game. The first leg was decided by the odd doll with Donnington winning it 19-18. Six Bells drew level in the next leg 25-23. The final and deciding leg went to Donnington quite easily 23-12.
Bullnose Morris ‘A’ have pushed themselves back into the title race when they had a maximum win against basement boys Red Lion ‘A’ Kidlington, 21-18, 19-16, 21-14.

In Section 3 Queens Head had a disastrous start away at Rose Hill when they could only muster up a score of nine in the opening leg against Rose Hills score of 20. However they rallied in the next two legs 19-16, 21-14 to secure a 2-1 win.
Bottom of the table Six Bells ‘B’ Kidlington won their third game of the season beating hosts New Club ‘B’ 2-1. Bells set and won the first leg 19-17 but lost the next on three sticks after it was tied 14-14. Bells secured victory in the final leg 20-15.

Vikings Sports ‘B’ shocked title challengers Cowley Workers in Section 4 by whitewashing them 3-0. Vikings won all three legs 17-15, 16-16 (on three sticks) 19-13. Eamon Hanlon bagged himself a six in his twelve doll haul (6-4-2) for The Workers.
Vikings Sports ‘A losing streak extends to four games now and without a point as they lost at Green Road Club ‘A’ 3-0 in the leg scores of 19-16, 15-14, 20-15.

Languishing at the bottom of Section 5 The Tandem shocked leaders The Cricketers Arms Cowley by beating them 2-1. The signs were there after the first leg which Cricketers just managed to win on three sticks after it was tied 12-12. Tandem levelled in the next leg 14-11 and then acquired the unexpected win in the final leg on three sticks after they both hit 17. Neale Clarkson with eleven dolls (3-3-5) top scored for The Tandem.
Cricketers Littleworth failed to take advantage of the leaders slip when they crashed to a 2-1 defeat at Littlemore British Legion ‘B’ 2-1. It started off well for The Cricketers winning the opening leg 13-11 but that was to be their only success as the Legion struck back and won the next two legs 15-11, 18-16.
Vikings Sports ‘C’ move into second spot after they beat Masons Arms ‘A’ in a close encounter. Vikings set fourteen in the first leg which was not quite enough as Masons sneaked past that by the odd doll with fifteen. Vikings levelled in the next leg 20-15 and then were set fifteen by The Masons in the final leg. A very poor reply at the start saw the Vikings only record a score of four from their top four players. Their tail wagged and a four from anchor man Jack Wells saw them draw the leg. Vikings then went on to win the leg and game on three sticks.

Golden Ball from Section 6 are now the only team not to taste victory in the league after their twelfth straight loss this time at The Catherine Wheel ‘A’. They were well beaten in the first two legs 14-10, 17-10 but in the third leg they were set twelve. Golden Ball started off well in the chase hitting six with their first three players, however that was as good as it got as they could only muster up another four dolls and fell three short with nine.
Prince of Wales rule the roost after a very tight victory at home to Green Road Club ‘B’. The opening leg was tied 10-10 with the POW snatching it on three sticks. Green Road drew level in the next leg 15-13. The final and deciding leg Prince of Wales set and what a catastrophe start it was. Their first three players all blobbed out and they were lucky to record a score of eleven. Remarkably it was enough as Green Road could only hit ten in reply to hand POW and improbable win.
Red Lion ‘B’ Kidlington stopped a three game losing streak when they came from behind to beat The White Horse 2-1 and put themselves back in the title hunt. The first leg unpredictably went to the White Horse 14-13. Red Lion fought back well to win the next two legs 11-8, 16-11.
Duke Of Monmouth anchor man Lee Worrall was their saviour in the first two legs at Bletchington Sports Club. The first leg he was left three to win when Bletch set fifteen and he did not disappoint hitting the three needed. Second leg he was again left three to win after Bletch set thirteen this time and once again Worrall done the business. Final leg Duke Of Monmouth set seventeen which was more than enough to give them the maximum win as Bletchington could only reply with eight.

In Section 7 Marston British Legion recorded tenth straight win when they beat Kidlington Football Club ‘B’ 2-1 in a close game. Leg scores being 13-15, 17-16, 17-14

SIXERS : M.Poulter (Red Lion ‘A’ Yarnton) S.McAteer, P.Austin (Black Prince) L.Thompson, E.Edwards (Swan ‘A’)

BLOBBERS: D.Bourton (The Blackbird) J.Mazey (Red Lion ‘B’ Marston) T.Dagliesh (Golden Ball) C.Bustin (Kidlington F.C. ‘B’) T.Butterfield(Northway Club ‘B’)

14: M.Poulter (Red Lion ‘A’ Yarnton) P.Austin (Black Prince) L.Thompson (Swan ‘A’)
13: A.Beal (Gladiators ‘A’) S.McAteer, I.McAteer (Black Prince) A.Shepherd (New Club ‘A’) D.Walsh (Swan ‘A’)

BACK ROW: Roger Alder, Paul Sammons, Geoff Townsend, Kent Drackett, Paul Alder, Colin Barrett, Jimmy Light
FRONT ROW: Stuart Bishop, Dave Green, Colin Richardson, Don Light


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