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Week 7 Report

Gladiators ‘A’ were in sensational form away at The George ‘A’ when they hit 94 dolls over the three legs, and needless to say it gave them a 3-0 win. George set in every leg and started off in the first leg with 24. In reply Gladiators banged off an astonishing 34 in reply. Chasing a set of 20 in the next leg Gladiators hit 32 and then completed the whitewash in the final leg 28-24. Chris Jenkins, 14 dolls (4-5-5) Jason Weller (4-5-4) Martin Cook (5-5-3) and Kevin Baker (5-4-4) with thirteen dolls starred for the Gladiators while Luke Purcell for The George must consider himself very unlucky as he hit 15 dolls (5-5-5) and still ended up on the losing side.
The Woodman’s four game winning streak came to an abrupt halt at Garsington Sports club where they narrowly lost out 2-1. It started off well for The Woodman where they chased and won the opening leg 31-24. Garsington set the next leg with 27 and after a mixture of scores in reply they left their last two players needing nine to tie ten to win. Jeff Glenister clanged off a maximum six however anchor man Mark Rollins only hit two to leave them one short to give Garsington the point. The final and deciding leg was tied 25-25 with Garsington winning it on three sticks to secure victory.
New Club ‘A’ had a fine 2-1 home win against The Black Prince who struggled all night. It was all over after the first two legs which the New Club won 24-21, 23-17. Black Prince redeemed themselves in the final leg 26-23.
Chequers ‘A’ hit a high score of 28 in the opening leg at The Red Lion ‘A’ Yarnton to secure them the opening leg after Lion replied with 18. Alas that was to be their only win as Lion hit back to win the next two legs 24-18, 26-17 to leave The Chequers still looking for their first win.
The Swan ‘A’ overpowered their B team to cruise to a maximum 3-0 win. Keith Powell with fourteen dolls (5-4-5) and Terry Stuart with thirteen dolls (3-5-5) led the way as they won all three legs 28-23, 27-22, 32-20.

In Section 2 Steve Ward bagged himself a six in his fourteen doll haul (6-5-3) for The Six Bells ‘D’ Kidlington but it was all in vain as they lost to leaders Donnington Club ‘C’ 2-1 and with it their unbeaten record. Donnington set and won the first leg with an impressive 27 to Bells 25. Bells kept their unbeaten hopes alive in the next leg winning it 22-20. Final leg Bells set but could only hit a paltry score of 16 which should have been no problem for Donnington, however they had to rely on anchor man Dave Soanes to whip of the two dolls needed to win the leg by the odd doll with 17
Tiddington Cricket club made it three wins on the bounce when they triumphed in a 2-1 win at Gladiators Club ‘C’. A six from Darren Cox helped the Glad’s win the first leg 23-19. Tiddington hit straight back in the next leg 17-27 and then sneaked the final leg by the odd doll 17-16.
The Ampleforth Arms ‘A’ title ambitions took a slight knock when they succumbed to a 2-1 home defeat to Red Lion ‘A’ Marston. With the game nicely poised at 1-1 Lion set the final and deciding leg with 20. Ampleforth got off to the worse possible start in reply with a blob, but they recovered enough to leave anchor man Mark Washington needing all six to tie, and he almost succeeded but fell one short with five to give the Lion the leg and win.

The George ‘B’ shocked Section 3 leaders Gladiators ‘B’ when they came away with a 2-1 win. A tense opening leg saw the George take it by the tightest of margins 22-21. The Glad’s drew level in the next leg 15-13 and then could only set 13 in the final leg. The George sailed past that with 18 to secure an unexpected win. Ken Bradbury hit a steady twelve dolls (4-4-4) for The Glad’s.
Queens Head have now lost three on the run when they lost at home to Rose Hill Club 2-1. Rose Hill won the first leg 22-18 with The Queens levelling in the next leg 20-14. Final leg and game went to Rose Hill 21-15.
Ex professional footballer Gary Parker who graced the grounds of Aston Villa, Leicester and Notts Forest found himself in the back garden of The Masons Arms playing for The Six Bells ‘A’ Kidlington. His twelve dolls (4-4-4) helped The Bells to a 3-0 win in the leg scores of 18-13, 18-15, 19-14.

In Section 4 Catherine Wheel ‘B’ remain the only unbeaten team in the league after they defeated Red Lion ‘B’ Yarnton 2-1. They won the first two legs 15-11, 20-14 but couldn’t quite complete the maximum win when Red Lion Lion set and won the final leg 18-17.

In Section 5 Red Lion ‘B’ Marston and Ampleforth Arms ‘B’ fought out an entertaining game. Ampleforth started off at a blistering pace winning the opening leg 19-13. However they were brought back down with a bump in the next leg when chasing a set of 17 they faltered and could only hit seven in reply. Final leg Red Lion set again with seventeen and this time Ampleforth left their anchor man Adam Woodley needing five to win. Considering that he had blobbed out in his previous two throws there was not much hope especially when he missed with his first two sticks. However somehow he managed to whip off the doll with his next four sticks to tie the leg and send it to three sticks, but it was all in vain as the Lion won the three stick shoot out and with it the game.
Vikings Sports ‘D’ scored one more doll than their hosts Donnington Club ‘B’ but still managed to lose the game 2-1. Donnington comfortably won the first leg 19-11. Vikings struck right back in the next leg winning it 19-11. Donnington won the final leg on three sticks after it was tied 14-14.
Masons Arms ‘B’ and Vikings ‘C’ battled and exciting contest where their anchor man came to the fore.
Masons set and won the opening leg 12-7. Masons then set the next leg again with 12.In reply Vikings left anchor man Jack Wells four to win and as he had just blobbed out on his first throw things were not looking good. However he clanged off the four needed to win the leg. Vikings then set in the deciding leg with 16 and it was the Masons anchor man Joe Bandrowski that came to the rescue as he whipped off the four dolls needed to win the leg by the odd doll with 16 to give Masons the win.

It’s very tight at the top in Section 6 and Kidlington Football Club ‘A’ defeated one of the contenders Chequers ‘B’ 2-1. Kidlignton made sure of victory in the first two legs winning them both 21-17, 16-13 but couldn’t complete the whitewash when Chequers won the final leg 17-14.
White Horse inflicted the first defeat for leaders Red Lion ‘B’ Kidlington in their 2-1 home win. They had to do it the hard way after losing the opening leg 15-12, they hit back immediately in the next two legs 12-9, 18-12 for an impressive second win.

In Section 7 despite only having six players Northway Club ‘B’ still turned up and fulfilled the fixture at Headington Con Club. Despite a good effort they lost all three legs 12-8,16-8, 11-9.

SIXERS : G.Glenister (The Woodman) S.Ward (Six Bells ‘D’) D.Cox (Gladiators ‘C’) R.Goodall (Black Prince) L.Hazell, R.Townsend (Six Bells ‘E’)G.Townsend (Chequers 'A')

BLOBBERS : N.Rudman (Littlemore B.L. ‘A’) A.Beachamp (Kidlington F.C. ‘B’) S.Kenny (Red Lion ‘B’ Kidlington) B.Sheilds (White Horse)

15: Lu. Purcell (The George ‘A’)
14: P.Jackson (Garsington Sports Club) C.Jenkins (Gladiators ‘A’) S.Ward (Six Bells ‘D’) K.Powell (The Swan ‘A’)
13: B.Ruffles (Garsington Sports Club) C.Buckingham (The Woodman) J.Weller, M.Cook, K.Baker (Gladiators ‘A’) T.Stuart (The Swan ‘A’)

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