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Week 3 Report

Mick Phipps from The Black Prince was in cracking form as he hit fifteen dolls, including a six (6-4-5) as they came from behind to beat The Chequers ‘A’ 2-1. Black Prince set the opening leg with 24 which was not quite enough as Chequers hit 25 in reply to go one up. Prince set again in the next leg with 26 and this time it was more than enough as Chequers could only reply with a trifling fifteen. Chequers decided to set in the final and deciding leg, however they could only muster up another score of fifteen. Prince passed that with two players to spare and ended up with 26 to secure victory. Roger Goodall chipped in with thirteen dolls (4-4-5) for The Prince.
The George ‘A’ and The Swan ‘A’ battled out a close game where only two dolls separated them over the three legs. The opening leg George set and won 25-24. The Swan set 26 in the next leg which The George matched to send it to three sticks which the Swan won. Final leg Swan set 28 and in return George fell just three short with 25 to hand the Swan victory. Jon Townsend was top dog for The Swan with fourteen dolls (4-5-5) and was well supported by Dick Walsh with thirteen dolls (4-4-5).
The Woodman got their first win of the season under their belt after beating hosts Red Lion ‘A’ Yarnton 2-1. The first leg was an lengthy one. With The Woodman setting each time, it was tied 19-19 and three sticks were tied 10-10, with The Woodman finally winning it on one stick 4-0. Woodman secured victory in the next leg 22-17 but couldn’t complete the whitewash with Lion grabbing a point in the final leg 21-18.
Gladiators ‘A’ crashed to their third consecutive defeat, this time at The New Club ‘A’ 2-1. All the damage was done in the first two legs, New Club winning them 24-23, 28-24. Glad’s fought back for a point in the final leg after it was tied 27-27, they won the three stick shoot out. Chasing a set of 9 they went past that with their first five players. Andy Lewis (New Club) and Jason Weller (Glad’s) top scored with thirteen a piece, 4-5-4.
Garsington Sports made it three wins out of three when they defeated The Swan ‘B’ 2-1, winning the first two legs 25-21, 24-17, but losing the last leg on three sticks after it was tied 20-20. Trevor Greenaway (5-5-3) and Barry Ruffles (4-5-4) both hit a baker’s dozen for the Sportsmen.

In Section 2 Mark Washington with thirteen dolls (5-3-5) led The Ampleforth Arms ‘A’ to a 2-1 home win over Red Lion ‘A’ Kidlington in the leg scores of 21-20, 20-24, 26-21.
James Bennet clanged off thirteen dolls (3-5-5) for Red Lion ‘A’ Marston but it turned out to an unlucky thirteen as they lost at Donnington Club ‘C’ 2-1. After taking the opening leg 18-16 Donnington were then set 19 in the next leg. After a mediocre start Donnington left anchor man Marc Joines needing all six to tie, and he almost pulled it off but fell one short with five. Donnington made sure of victory in the final leg 22-17.

In Section 3 an unusual occurrence happened in the second leg between Six Bells ‘A’ Kidlington and The George ‘B’. With the George winning the first leg 21-18 Six Bells set the second with 24 in which all eight players hit three dolls. However it was enough to win the leg as George could only hit 11 in reply. Bells secured victory in the final leg 15-11.
David Naylor clanged off thirteen dolls (4-4-5) for The Masons ‘A’ but it was to no avail as they lost at home to Rose Hill Club 2-1 in the leg scores of 13-14, 11-13, 19-17.

In Section 5 Ampleforth Arms ‘B’ started off well at Vikings Sports ‘B’ winning the first leg 16-14, however that was to be their only success as Vikings hit back in the next two legs 15-11, 16-11. Glyn Millard threw well for Vikings with a dozen dolls (5-2-5).
The two Cricketers (Cowley & Littleworth) fought out an entertaining game with Littleworth coming out on top 3-0. They won all three legs 16-13, 16-15, 17-14.
Newly promoted The Tandem tasted victory for the first time when they defeated Donnington Club ‘B’ 2-1. They had to do it the hard way after losing the first leg 17-10 they fought back well to win the next two legs 17-14, 16-13.

Wally Harwood was in top form for Bletchingdon Sports Club in Section 6, as he bagged himself a six in his thirteen doll haul, (4-6-3) in their 3-0 win at The Golden Ball. They won the first leg 13-9 and then were set 10 in the next leg. The Sportsmen struggled in reply and left anchor man Harwood four to win. This proved no problem as he whipped off all six to win the leg with 13. Bletchington Sports then completed the whitewash in the last leg 15-11.

SIXERS : D.Cox (Gladiators ‘C’) S.Greenough (Donnington Club ‘C’) M.Phipps, I.Grant (Black Prince) W.Harwood (Blecthingdon Sports Club) A.Bowers (Red Lion ‘B’ Yarnton)

BLOBBERS: T.Finney (The Blackbird) R.Taylor (Green Road Club ‘B’) L.Mcallster (POW) B.Smith (Catherine Wheel ‘A’)
J.Califano (Littlemore B.L. ‘B’) P.Lawrence, J.McMahon (Vikings ‘C’) A.Clare (Vikings D) E.Clemson (East Oxford Con Club) B.Foster (Marston B.L.) S.Baker (Kidlington F.C. ‘B’) B.Harwood (Red Lion Cassington)

15: M.Phipps (Black Prince)
14: J.Townsend (The Swan ‘A’)
13: A.Lewis (New Club ‘A’) J.Weller (Gladiators ‘A’) D.Cox (Gladiators ‘C’) J.Bennett (Red Lion ‘A’ Marston) D.Naylor (Masons Arms ‘A’) D.Walsh (Swan ‘A’) M.Washington (Ampleforth Arms ‘A’) R.Goodall (Black Prince) W.Harwood (Blecthington Sports Club)

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