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Week 2 Report

Ian Bowler from Littlemore British Legion ‘A’ was in inspired form as he bagged himself a six in his sixteen doll haul (5-5-6) however it was to no avail as they crashed to a 3-0 defeat in Section 3 at Six Bells ‘A’ in the leg scores of 17-15, 19-16, 17-13.
Red Lion ‘A’ Yarnton made it two wins out of two against Premier opposition when they defeated visitors The George ‘A’ 2-1. The opening leg was made easy for them when The George could only muster up a set of 14. However Lion made hard work of it leaving anchor man Mark Poulter two to win which he just managed to take the leg by the odd doll with 15. The second leg was tied 19-19 with the George wining it on three sticks 9-8. Final and deciding leg Lion set with 27 which proved to be more than enough as The George fell two short with 25.
Kevin Baker clanged off fourteen dolls (4-6-4) for The Gladiators ‘A’ but it could not prevent them from falling to their second consecutive defeat at The Swan ‘B’ 2-1. Swan took an early lead in the first leg 22-20 with The Gladiators levelling in the second leg 20-19. Glad’s could only set 19 in the final leg and The Swan sailed past that with ease ending up with 25 to give them their second win.
In Section 2 the McMahon brothers Kevin & Jonny for The Bullnose ‘A’ both hit a six in the final leg to give them victory over Red Lion ‘A’ Marston 2-1. With the game nicely poised at 1-1 a score of 27 in the deciding leg was enough to secure the win for The Bullnose.
Pete Rampton from Six Bells ‘D’ Kidlington hit fourteen dolls for the second consecutive week as they blew away local rivals Red Lion Kidlington 3-0 in the leg scores of 24-16, 23-15, 23-18. Steve Horne hit a baker’s dozen (5-3-5) in return for the Lion.
Tiddington Cricket Club defeated visitors Six Bells ‘E’ 2-1 in a close game. The Bells set every leg which came to no advantage as they lost the first two 22-21, 24-18. They did however get the point they deserved in the final leg 23-21.
Donnington Club ‘C’ had a comfortable 3-0 win over their A team 19-16, 18-16, 21-17.

Despite scoring more dolls then their visitors The George ‘B’ (48-44) still lost 2-1 to Six Bells ‘B’ Kidlington in Section 3. The Bells won the opening leg 14-11 and then was set 14 in the next leg. Some inconsistent throwing in return left the Bells anchor man Seamus O’Malley needing four to win and he did not disappoint clanging off the winning doll with his final stick. The George grabbed a point in the final leg 23-15.

In Section 5 Vikings Sports ‘C’ had to come from behind to beat Ampleforth Arms ‘B’ on their own patch 2-1. It was a strange night for individual and team scoring as Vikings could only manage a measly set of 10 in the opening leg with Reece Wain blobbing out, Ampleforth hitting 15 in reply. Vikings redeemed themselves in the next two legs winning them both 20-14, 21-14 with Wain, after starting off with a blob, clanging off a six in his final leg.
Donnington Club ‘B’ started off well at The Masons Arms ‘B’ wining the opening leg 18-15. However it all went downhill from there where they collapsed and could only set 7 & 9 in the next two legs which Masons passed with ease 16 & 14 to secure the win.

In Section 7 Headington Con Club threw well as they beat Kidlington Football Club ‘B’ 2-1. After losing the first leg 8-11 they came back well to win the next two legs 15-8, 15-11.Chris Cox was their top scorer with nine dolls (1-4-4).
Well done Democrats Club despite only having five players turned up and played the game against White Hart Wytham, but as expected lost all three legs 10-4, 8-2, 9-6.

SIXERS : K.Baker (Gladiators ‘A’) S.Jones (New Club ‘A’) I.Bowler (Littlemore B.L. ‘A’) R.Wain (Vikings Sports ‘C’)
K.McMahon, J.McMahon (Bullnose Morris ‘A’) M.Poulter (Red Lion A Yarnton)
BLOBBERS: G.Arundel (Headington Con Club) T.Dalgeish (Golden Ball) C.Gibbons (Kidlington F.C. ‘A’) J.Perks (Vikings D) J.Hardiman (Wast Oxford Con Club) C.Laver (Yarnton B.L.) D.Todd (White Hart Wytham) M.Davey, B.Foster (Marston B.L)

16: I.Bowler (Littlemore B.L. ‘A’)
14: K.Baker (Gladiators ‘A’) P.Rampton (Six Bells ‘D’)
13: S.Horne (Red Lion ‘A’ Kidlington) S.Tooke (Catherine Wheel ‘B’) G.Dix (Six Bells D)

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