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Inter League Report

The Oxford representative team retained the Inter League Shield at Banbury Food sports club by beating the Wychwood league 2-0 in a repeat of last year’s final.
In the first round Oxford were drawn against Yarnton and set and won the opening leg 20-16. A set of 25 by Yarnton in the second leg was enough for them to draw level as Oxford fell three dolls short with 22. The final and deciding leg Yarnton set 23. Oxford started off strong in reply with the top half hitting 14 between them. Seventh man Kevin Baker whipped off a six to give them victory with 28 with one man spare.
Kidlington was next in the semi-final and a set of 22 was enough to give Oxford an early lead. Kidlington hit back in the next leg with a set of 24, however another good start by the top half with 14 dolls set them on to an easy victory. However a blip occurred with Brian Reidy blobbing out put the pressure on the last three. Kevin Giles hit back with five dolls but Kevin Baker struggled hitting just the one doll leaving anchor man Kevin Stuart needing five to win. A mixed throw from Stuart left him hitting his last stick to tie the leg to send it to three sticks. Kidlington set with 11 in the three stick shoot out but it was nowhere near enough as Oxford ‘s first two players Billy Trinder (2) and Andy Beal (3) almost hit half the total between them and went past the target with a player to spare to send them into the final against the Wychwood League.
The Wychwood league started off like a steam train in their opening game against Bampton. They set and won the first leg 27-19 with Mark Revill clanging off a six in the process. Bampton hit straight back in the second leg with a formidable set of 27 which they hope would level the game. However Wychwood replied with vigour and left anchor man Keith Powell just needing one doll to win the leg and game which he duly completed with his second stick.
Wychwood then were drawn against a strong Banbury side, who they beat.(I have not received the scorecard for this game yet, will update when I can)

So to the final, a repeat of last year Oxford v Wychwood and with the same result. Oxford running out winners 2-0. Wychood set the opening leg with a respectable 25. Oxford started off strong in reply, petered out a bit but came back strong to leave anchor man Stuart just one to win which he hit with his first stick to give Oxford an early lead. Oxford decided to set the next leg and whacked in a set of 27. Wychwood struggled in reply and by the time their sixth man threw it was all over to give the shield to Oxford for the second successive year. It was a good team performance from all to retain the title.


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