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Singles & Pairs Play Offs

There will be a new name on the Oxford Singles trophy as Mark Rollins from The Woodman and Kevin Stuart from The George battled their way to the final. Kevin Stuart had a straight forward 2-0 win over Willy Waite in the first Quarter Final and was then drawn against his brother Terry Stuart in the semi. It was quite a tame affair with Kevin winning both legs 4-3 & 3-2.
Mark Rollins had a tough encounter against Andy Lewis from The Ampleforth Arms 'A' in the Quarter Final. He set and won the first leg 4-3 and was then set a score of four by Lewis in the next leg. Rollins hitting five in reply, with the winning doll coming from his final stick.
In the Semi-final against John Bailey from The George Rollins was only set two in the opening leg, but he struggled and only managed a one. Rollins set the next leg with 3 which was enough as Bailey only hit two in reply. The final and deciding leg Rollins won the toss and decided to set and it turned out to be a good choice as he clanged off five. Baily in return missed with his first stick and that was that.

All the quarter final games were won 2-0. Paul Townsend & Neil Lyon from The Three Pigeons disposed of Chris Jenkins & Kevin Giles (Gladiators 'A') while Steve & Ian McAteer (Black Prince) did likewise to Darren Cox & Clive Proudfoot (Garsington Sports 'A')
In the first semi-final Steve & Ian McAteer were drawn against Stuart Wells & Lee Hazell (Six Bells 'E'). Wells & Hazell could only set 4 in the opening leg which Ian McAteer beat on his own with 5. A set of 8 in the next leg was enough to see them through to the final.
The second semi-final between Lyon & Townsend & Nigel King & Mark Poulter (Red Lion Yarnton)was a tighter game. King & Poulter set 6 in the first leg. Townsend hit 3 in reply and a four from Lyon saw them win the leg. KIng & Poulter set in the second leg also with 7 and another repeat performance from The Pigeons pair was enough to win the leg again.

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