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Week 16 Report

In Section 4, Ady Cross was in sensational form as he hit a brace of sixes in his sixteen doll total (6-4-6) but still ended up on the losing side as Six Bells ‘A’ Kidlington lost 2-1 at The New Club. Bells set all three legs and lost the first one 15-17, won the next 20-17 but lost the decider on three sticks after it was tied 17-17.

The battle for the Premier title is turning out to be one of the closest for many years with only one point separating the top three. The big clash between Black Prince and Garsington Sports ‘A’ was a low scoring affair but it was Garsington that came out on top 2-1. Black Prince started off well taking the opening leg 27-24, however that was to be their only success as they crumbled in the next two legs. Garsington could only set 23 & 24 in the next two legs but it was enough as Prince struggled and could only reply with scores of 20 & 21 to give Garsington the victory. Rob Bradford shone for The Prince with fifteen dolls (5-6-4).
The Swan ‘A’ took full advantage as they demolished The Six Bells ‘E’ Kidlington 3-0 to move level top. Jon Townsend bagged himself a six in his thirteen doll haul (6-3-4) as they won all three legs 28-21, 23-20, 28-22.
Despite scoring the most dolls in the league holders Gladiators ‘A’ finally relinquished the title after they beat The Three Pigeons at home 2-1 in a high scoring game. Gladiators set and won the first leg 29-26. Three Pigeons set the next leg with 29 but a four from anchor man Kevin Giles saw the Gladiators sneak pass that by the odd doll with 30. The Glad’s set 24 in the final leg and this time it was the Pigeons anchor man Neil Lyon who grabbed a point for them by clanging off the five needed to win the leg with 25. Dave Lee and Dave Edwards hit a six for The Pigeons while Tony O’Brien done likewise for The Gladiators.
The Swan ‘B’ were crowned Section One winners after defeating their closest rivals The George ‘A’ 2-1. Needing all three points it was looking good for The George when they won the opening leg 23-22. A set of 27 in the next leg by The Swan dashed The George’s hopes as they could only reply with 24. Swan then wrapped it all up in the final leg on three sticks after it was tied 22-22. Garry Baily with fifteen dolls (4-6-5) for The Swan and Luke Purcell with fourteen dolls (4-5-5) for The George threw exceptionally well.

Section 2 leaders Bullnose Morris ‘A’ crashed to a 3-0 defeat at home to Tiddington Cricket Club, but still only need two points from the last two games to claim the title. The Cricket club won all three legs 21-17, 27-26, 19-16.
Red Lion ‘A’ Yarnton dropped an important point in their pursuit of The Bullnose away at Donnington Club ‘A’. They easily won the first two legs 24-20, 23-11 but lost the important last leg 23-21.
Gladiators ‘B’ prop up the table despite coming away from Queens Head ‘B’ with a 2-1 victory. They raced into a 2-0 lead winning both legs 20-19, 17-15 but couldn’t quite complete the whitewash as Queens Head hit back to win the last leg 21-19. Section 2 top scorer Chris Webb threw well for his dozen dolls (5-4-3).
After winning four of their first five games of the season Six Bells ‘D’ Kidlington slide down the table continues as they have now lost seven of their last eight games this time at home to local rivals The Black Horse ‘B’. It was quite comfortable in the end for The Black Horse winning all three legs 18-16, 23-17, 17-14.

The Section 3 title is a straight race between Ampleforth Arms ‘A’ and Donnington Club ‘C’ where only two points separate them.
The Ampleforth Arms ‘A’ had to come from behind to defeat struggling Six Bells ‘B’ Kidlington. The Bells set and won the opening leg 20-17. The Amp struck right back in the next leg 18-16 and then completed the turnaround in the final leg 18-14.
Donnington Club keep up the pressure with a 3-0 win at Masons Arms ‘A’. They were fortunate to win the opening leg 13-12 but made sure in the next two legs 22-15, 22-14.
Littlemore British Legion ‘A’ still remain at the foot of the table after losing 2-1 at home to Queens Head ‘A’ but their player Ian Bowler is still top doll scorer despite a score of seven in the leg scores of 15-20, 15-18, 16-13.

In Section 4 Vikings ‘B’ just need one more point to claim the title after an impressive 3-0 win at home to The George ‘B’. Steve Reeves (4-4-5) and Robin Charlton (3-6-4) starred for The Vikings 'B' as they won all three legs 21-10, 18-15, 20-17.
David Lammin (4-4-2) and Eddie Lacey (3-3-4) both hit double figures for The Bullnose Morris ‘B’ in their 2-1 win at Green Road Club in the leg scores of 16-19, 16-14, 18-15.

It’s a three horse race in Section 5 and Red Lion ‘B’ Yarnton lead it by one point after a tough battle at home to Masons Arms ‘B’. Lion won the first two legs 15-13, 14-12 but in the final leg a set of 15 by The Masons proved to be too much as the Lion fell two short with 13.
The Swan ‘C’ also dropped a point in their 2-1 win at Northway Club ‘C’. They set and won the opening leg 14-12. Northway drew level in the next leg 18-13. Northway set a decent score of 17 in the final and deciding leg however Swan went passed that with a reply of 20 for an important extra point.
The Blackbird dropped a point at White Hart ‘A’ Wolvercote who have occupied bottom spot for most of the season. After winning the first leg 13-9 Blackbird set 11 in the next leg and it seemed to be enough as White Hart had only hit five with two players to go. However a four from Chris Evans and three from anchor man Alan Wilkins saw them over the line with 12. The win must have shocked White Hart as they could only set 4 in the final leg which Blackbird passed with ease hitting 10 to win the leg and game.
Florence Park ‘B’ scored more dolls than their visitors Vikings Sports ‘C’ (47-45) but still managed to lose the game 2-1 in the leg scores of 15-16, 20-11, 12-18.
Cricketers Arms Cowley also lost despite scoring more dolls (50-44) at Democrats Club ‘A’. With the game nicely poised at a leg each 15-14, 13-21 Democrats set and won the final leg 16-15.

Vikings Sports ‘D’ destroyed long time leaders of Section 6 Seacourt Bridge 3-0 to go two points clear. Bernie McCormack led the way with eleven dolls (3-4-4) as they won all three legs 15-12, 15-13, 16-9.
Cowley Workers move into contention after they defeated North Oxford Con Club 3-0 at home despite Steven Bradbury failing to trouble the doll all night. Workers won all three legs 17-9, 13-10, 14-12.

Bletchington Sports Club share top spot in Section 7 after defeating Gladiators ‘D’ 2-1, but the star of the show was The Glad’s Clive Walsh who clanged off thirteen dolls (5-5-3). The Sports Club won the first leg 13-9 with The Glad’s levelling in the next leg 16-15. Bletchington securing victory in the final leg 12-9.

In Section 8 hosts Gladiators ‘C’ and White Hart ‘B’ Wolvercote both hit 24 dolls apiece but it was White Hart who came out on top 7-8, 6-3, 11-13.

SIXERS : A.Cross 2 (Six Bells ‘A’ Kidlington) G.Bailey (Swan ‘B’) Lu.Purcell (The George ‘A’) D.Lee, D.Edwards (The Three Pigeons)
T.O’Brien (Gladiators ‘A’) S.Reeves, R.Charlton (Vikings Sports ‘B’) R.Bradford (Black Prince) J.Townsend (The Swan ‘A’) S.Walton (Donnington Club ‘A’)

BLOBBERS: C.Williams, A.Woodley (Ampleforth Arms ‘B’) S.Bradbury (Cowley Workers) A.Thompson (Golden Ball ‘A’) P.O’Gara (White Hart Wytham)
M.Davidson (Democrats Club ‘B’) M.Tutty, D.Pym (Littlemore B.L.’B’)

16: A.Cross (Six Bells ‘A’ Kidlington)
15: G.Bailey (Swan ‘B’) R.Bradford (Black Prince)
14: Lu.Purcell (The George ‘A’)
13: D.Lee (Three Pigeons) S.Reeves, R.Charlton (Vikings ‘B’) J.Townsend (The Swan ‘A’) R.Goodall (Garsington Sports ‘B’ ) C.Walsh (Gladiators 'D')


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