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Week 8 Report

Paul Sawyer was in sensational form as he clanged off sixteen dolls including a double sixer (4-6-6) for The Six Bells ‘E’ Kidlington at home to The George ‘A’. However it was not enough to stop them from being defeated 2-1. The George are in hot form at the moment, after losing their first three games they have now won five on the bounce. George won the first two legs 24-18, 29-27 with The Bells grabbing the final leg by the finest of margins 26-25.
The Swan ’B’ lead Section One after defeating Premier leaders The Black Prince 2-1. The Prince got off to a good start when they won the first leg 23-20, but could only muster up a set of 21 in the next leg. Swan sailed past that with 27. They then banged in a set of 30 in the deciding leg which The Prince couldn’t get near and ended up with a reply of 21. Simon King was in tremendous form with fifteen dolls (4-6-5) for The Swan.
Premier holders The Gladiators are having a dreadful time in trying to retain the title after they crashed to their fourth defeat of the season, which is one more than they lost all of last season. This time The Woodman took advantage and came away from the Glad’s with a 2-1 win in a low scoring game. The Gladiators could only set a paltry nineteen in the opening leg to the Woodman’s reply of 23. Woodman then set 23 in the second leg and after a steady reply The Glad’s fell apart and ended up three short with 20. They redeemed themselves in the final leg winning it 25-21. Andy Beal with thirteen dolls (5-4-4) for The Glad’s was top scorer on the night.
Garsington Sports Club ‘A’ had to come from behind to beat The Chequers ‘C’ in a very close game in which the middle leg had to be decided on a one stick shoot out. Chequers comfortably won the first leg 26-22. The second leg was tied 26-26. Three sticks could not separate them as they both hit fifteen, before Garsington won the leg on one stick. Deciding leg Chequers set with 24 and in reply Garsington left anchor man Trevor Greenaway needing four to win, which proved no problem as he clanged off all six to secure the leg. Greenaway is in a good run of form at the moment hitting his second maximum and fourteen doll haul (5-3-6) on the bounce.
The Swan ‘A’ came away from The Three Pigeons with a 2-1 win in a dull affair. Only Neil Lyon for The Pig’s with thirteen dolls (6-3-4) shone as The Swan won the first two legs 25-22, 23-21 with Pig’s preventing the whitewash in the final leg 21-20.

The Bullnose Morris ‘A’ open up a five point lead in Section 2 after trouncing Queens Head ‘B’ at home 3-0. They won all three legs 17-14, 17-14,20-15.
Six Bells ‘D’ Kidlington title ambitions took a huge knock when they came away from Florence Park Club ‘A’ empty handed. They never really clicked all night and lost all three legs 21-15, 21-14, 17-16.
Tiddington Cricket Club slip into second spot after a straightforward 3-0 win at home to Donnington Club ‘A’ 20-18,15-13, 23-12.
Gladiator’s ‘B’ Chris Webb hit his second successive fifteen doll haul (5-6-4) however it was all in vain as they lost 2-1 at The Black Horse ‘B’. It was quite a tame affair as none of the legs were close in the scores of 19-16, 16-19, 19-13.

In Section 3 leaders Ampleforth Arms ‘A’ had to rely on two three stick shoot outs against Chequers ‘A’ before they could secure a 3-0 win at home. The first leg was tied 13-13 as was the last leg 15-15. Sandwiched in between them The Amp turned on the style and won the second leg 24-14.
Donnington Club ‘C’ are still in the title chase after they came from behind to beat Six Bells ‘B’ Kidlington 2-1. The Bells won the first leg 18-16 but that was to be their only success as Donnington hit back to take the next two legs 16-12, 18-11.
Littlemore British Legion ‘A’ remain rooted at the bottom after their third successive 3-0 loss, this time at home to Red Lion ‘A’ Marston. Lion set and won all three legs 19-13, 18-10, 17-15.

In Section 4 Donnington Club ‘B’ got off to a catastrophe start against leaders Vikings Sports ‘B’, when chasing a set of 25 they could only muster up a reply of 3. They massively improved in the next leg but still lost it 16-13. Donnington were unlucky in the final leg losing it on three sticks after it was tied 15-15.
It was definitely a case of unlucky thirteen for Red Lion ‘B’ Marston at home to The New Club. They set all three legs with scores of thirteen, but New Club easily surpassed them with 22-20-22 to claim a maximum win.

The top two clashed in Section 5 and it was the Red Lion ‘B’ Yarnton that came out on top beating hosts The Swan ‘C’ 3-0. Opening leg Lion scrapped through 11-10 and then won the second leg on three sticks after it was tied 12-12. They completed the victory in the final leg 18-13.
Title contenders Cricketers Arms laboured against Florence Park Club ‘B’ at home. In the first leg the club men set and won it 16-14. The next leg was tied 12-12 with Cricketers winning it on three sticks. Cricketers acquired the win in the final leg 14-11.

Section 6 leaders Seacourt Bridge almost came unstuck at home to strugglers Littlemore Legion ‘B’. Chasing a set of only 11 in the opening leg they struggled and a one from their anchor man saw them take the leg by the odd doll with 12. Littlemore levelled in the next leg 19-13. Seacourt Bridge secured victory in the final leg 16-13.
Prince Of Wales keep up the pressure and move within one point at the top after they defeated Catherine Wheel ‘B’ 2-1. Going two up with scores of 13-11, 13-7, they failed to take maximum points in the final leg losing it 14-18.
North Oxford Con Club are still seeking their first taste of victory after they went down 3-0 at Kidlington Football Club 3-0 in the scores of 12-6, 15-9, 17-6.

Section 7 leaders The Tandem unbeaten record was smashed as they went down to a surprise 3-0 defeat at The Black Horse ‘A’. After a close first leg 16-15, Black Horse controlled and won the next two legs 19-13, 21-14.
The Chequers ‘B’ bounced back after losing their first game last week with a 2-1 home win over Bletchington Sports Club. Harry Jenkins led the way with eleven dolls (2-5-4) as they won the first two legs 14-11, 16-10 but lost the final leg on three sticks after it was tied 13-13.
Kevin Vickers Snr was in good form for Northway ‘B’ in their 2-1 win over Gladiators ‘D’ in a close game. Northway won the opener on three sticks after it was drawn 11-11. They then went two up in the next leg 10-9. Final leg Northway set 16 but a four doll hit from Gladiator’s anchor man Nick Snr Edmonds saw them over the line with 17 to win a point.

In Section 8 White Hart Wytham finally savoured victory as they beat Democrats Club ‘B’ 3-0. Winning all three legs 9-5, 7-4, 8-5.

SIXERS : P.Sawyer (2) (Six Bells ‘E’) N.Lyon (Three Pigeons) S.King (Swan ‘B’) T.Greenaway (Garsington Sports ‘A’) K.Baker (Gladiators ‘A’)
I.Goodgame (Six Bells ‘B’) C.Webb (Gladiators ‘B’)
BLOBBERS: S.Baker (North Oxford Con Club) D.Brown (Catherine Wheel ‘B’) R.Elger, N.Aitken (Red Lion Cassington)
P.O’Gara (White Hart Wytham) C.Gibbs (Democrats Club ‘B’) H.Morgan (White Hart ‘B’)

16: P.Sawyer (Six Bells ‘E’)
15: S.King (Swan ‘B’) C.Webb (Gladiators ‘B’)
14: T.Greenaway (Garsington Sports ‘A’)
13: A.Beal (Gladiators ‘A’) B.Ruffels (Garsington Sports ‘A’) N.Lyon (Three Pigeons) M.Phipps (Black Prince


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