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Week 5 Report

Black Prince was in top form as they brushed aside The Woodman 3-0 at home in a game that produced four maximum sixes. They banged in a set of 33 to The Woodman’s 24 in reply to claim the opening leg. Woodman then set 24 in the next leg, but Black Prince went pass that with ease hitting 30. Final leg Woodman could only set 21 and in what should have been a formality for The Prince they struggled hitting only six with the top half of the team. However their last four players came to the rescue hitting seventeen between them including a six from Mick Phipps to take the leg with 23. Mick Phipps (4-3-6), Rob Bradford (5-4-4) and Ian McAteer (5-4-4) all hit thirteen for The Prince.
Barry Rufflels was in tremendous form has he clanged off fifteen dolls (5-5-5) to lead Garsington Sports Club ‘A’ to a 3-0 home win against Six Bells ‘E’ Kidlington. The result was never in doubt after they won the opening leg 23-21 then went on to complete the whitewash in the next two legs 26-19, 31-22.
Chequers ‘C’ started off well at The Swan ‘B’ winning the first leg 27-22 but they could not keep that up as The Swan hit back winning the next two legs 24-22, 28-26. Daryal Simpson (4-5-4) and Mark Revell (4-4-5) both hit a baker’s dozen for The Swan while Roger Alder (4-4-5) did likewise for The Chequers.
Three Pigeons continue to struggle losing their third game on the bounce this time at home to The George ‘A’. Damage was all done in the first two legs, George winning them 27-22, 26-21 before The Pigeons grabbed the last leg 26-21. Neil Lyon was top dog for The Pigeons (5-4-4) while Kevin Stuart bagged himself a six in his thirteen doll haul (6-4-3) for The George.
The Swan ‘A’ came away from The Gladiators ‘A’ with a comfortable 2-1 win in the scores of 21-20, 28-21, 23-28.

The Bullnose Morris ‘A’ made it five wins out of five in Section 2 as they won all three legs at home to Donnington Club ‘A’. After winning the first leg 20-18 Bullnose had to rely on a three stick shootout in the next leg after it was tied 20-20. They then wrapped up maximum points in the final leg 18-15.
Tiddington Cricket Club stays in second spot when they whitewashed Garsington Sports ‘B’ 22-18, 22-15, 25-18.

Masons Arms ‘A’ finally got a win under their belt in Section Three winning away at The Queens Head ‘A’. They had to do it the hard way coming from behind as they lost the opening leg 18-12 but came back well to win the next two legs 16-15, 17-15.
Ampleforth Arms ‘A’ lost their unbeaten status losing at home 2-1 to Vikings Sports Club ‘A’. The Amp never really got going losing the first two legs 15-20, 12-17 however they recovered enough to earn a point in the final leg 20-16.

Vikings Sports Club ‘B’ leads Section 4 by one point after demolishing visitors Green Road Club 3-0. Vikings winning all three legs 19-11, 17-11, 15-9.
Six Bells ‘A’ Kidlington remain unbeaten due to their hard fought win at The George ‘B’ but it could have easily have been their first defeat. George won the opening leg 17-10, Six Bells levelling in the next leg 17-16. Final and deciding leg Six Bells set nineteen and in reply George after a mixture in scores left their last two players needing seven to win, however they could only muster up two between them to hand the Bells victory.

In Section 5 Democrats Club ‘A’ were like waiting for a bus, after winning their first game last week for twelve weeks they made it two weeks on the bounce beating Florence Park B 3-0 in scores of 20-16, 12-11, 13-9. Richard Wyness leading the way with thirteen dolls (4-5-4).
Cricketers Arms stay top of the tree and unbeaten after a 3-0 win at home to Northway Club. They won the first leg at a canter 19-12 but had to rely on three sticks in the next leg after it was tied 16-16. Cricketers wrapped up the maximum win in the final leg 17-15
The Blackbird scored one more doll than their hosts The Swan ‘C’ but still managed to lose in an exciting close game. The Swan set the first leg with thirteen which The Blackbird matched, Swan winning it on three sticks. Next leg Blackbird set fifteen and with only nine on the board from their first six players in reply Swan left their last two players needing six to win and they did not disappoint as Paul Collins clanged off four and anchor man Kevin Greening completed the job with two. Swan set the final leg with fifteen which was not enough as Blackbird hit seventeen in reply to earn a well deserved point.

In Section 6 Glyn Millard rolled back the years for Vikings Sports ‘D’ hitting a baker’s dozen (5-4-4) as they beat Marston British Legion at home 2-1 in the scores of 19-13, 14-17, 18-12.
North Oxford Con Club are still seeking their first win after losing at home to Prince Of Wales 3-0, although it was a lot closer than the score shows. They only lost the first leg by two dolls 12-10 and the next leg by the smallest of margins 11-10 and the final leg 11-7.

The Tandem are opening up a gap in Section 7 after they won their fourth maximum win this season. They came away from Northway Club ‘B’ with all three points 11-8,15-11,15-11.

SIXERS : G.Wilsdon, M.Phipps (Black Prince) J.Glenister, N.Pratley (The Woodman) K.Stuart (The George ‘A’)

BLOBBERS: R.Revely (Northway Club ‘B’) L.Cuff (Chequers ‘B’)

15: B.Ruffels (Garsington Sports ‘A’)
13: G.Wilsdon, M.Phipps, I.McAteer (Black Prince) R.Alder (Chequers ‘C’) D.Simpson, M.Revell (Swan ‘B’) D.Walsh (The Swan ‘A’)
R.Wyness (Democrats Club ‘A’) G.Millard (Vikings Sports ‘D’) N.Lyons (Three Pigeons) K.Stuart (The George ‘A’)

Barry Ruffels (Garsington Sports Club 'A')


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