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Week 17


The Section 2 title is going right down to the wire as The Bullnose Morris ‘A’ and Rose Hill club ‘A’ both recorded 2-1 wins. Leaders Bullnose beat Six Bells ‘A’ Quarry 20-17, 23-18, 24-25. Craig Hambridge recording a six in his eleven dolls for the leaders.
Rose Hill Club lost the opening leg to visitors Ampleforth Arms ‘B’ by the odd doll 22-21, however they recovered well in the next leg to draw level 30-15. They set and won the final leg 24-17. Luke Purcell (3-4-6) and Steve Bayliss (5-5-3) both bagged a six for Rose Hill.
Anchor man Robin Charlton came to Vikings Sports ‘A’ rescue in the first two legs in their clash with Florence Park ‘A’. Set nineteen by Florence Park in the first leg Charlton whipped off the four dolls needed in reply to tie the leg. Vikings winning it on three sticks. Set seventeen in the next leg, Charlton hit four dolls again but this time it was to win the leg. Vikings wrapped up victory in the final leg 23-15. Charlton top scored with thirteen dolls (4-4-5).
Simon King smashed off fourteen dolls (4-6-4) for Red Lion ‘B’ Eynsham away at Golden Ball ‘A’ but it was all in vain as they lost 3-0. Jimmy Crawford (4-4-5) and Brian Reidy (5-5-3) both hit a baker’s dozen for The Golden Ball as they ran out winners 29-25, 20-18, 26-23.

Roger Goodall fell just one short of the magical maximum eighteen as he clanged off seventeen dolls (6-6-5) in the Premier champions Six Bells ‘C’ Kidlington victory over Red Lion ‘A’ Eynsham in a high scoring game. Goodall missed with his thirteenth stick, which came just millimetres underneath as The Bells won the first two legs 33-23, 31-25 before losing the final leg 29-31. Pete Rampton with fifteen dolls (5-5-5) Andy Beal, Ray Townsend, & Jon Townsend fourteen dolls (5-5-4) all threw well for the Six Bells.
Jeff Glenister was in fine form for The Woodman as he bagged himself a six in his fifteen doll haul (6-4-5) but it was to no avail as Section One leaders The New Club ‘A’ took maximum points 28-26, 28-27, 27-23. Pip Goulding was top dog for The New Club with fourteen dolls (3-5-6).
Black Prince ‘A’ fall two points behind the leaders after losing at The Ampleforth Arms ‘A’ 2-1. It started off well for The Prince as they won the opening leg 26-23 and then looked to win the next leg as they set 31. However fifteen dolls from the last three Ampleforth players saw them snatch the leg with a score of 33. Ampleforth completed the recovery in the final leg 30-25. Mark Washington top scored for The Amp with fourteen dolls (5-5-4).
Chris Jenkins (6-5-3) Kevin Baker (3-6-3) and Brian Richards (4-6-1) all hit a six for Gladiators who came from behind to beat hosts Black Prince ‘B’ 2-1. They lost the opener 20-22 but came back strong in the next leg 33-26 and sealed victory in the final leg 20-18.

In Section 3 Tiddington Cricket Club scored more dolls than their visitors Chequers ‘C’ (53-50) but still lost out 2-1. The first leg was tied 17-17 with Chequers winning it on three sticks. The Cricket Club won the next leg 19-13 but a Six from Chequers Dave Green helped them win the final and deciding leg 20-17. Green ended up with thirteen dolls (2-5-6).

Since winning Section 4 Six Bells ‘A’ Kidlington have not won a game and this time Garsington Sports ‘B’ defeated them 2-1 in the leg scores of 20-16, 16-19, 18-15.

King & Queen strengthened their position at the top of Section 6 with a maximum win at Six Bells ‘D’ Kidlington. They had to rely on a three stick shoot out in the opening leg after it was tied 16-16 but then comfortably won the next two legs 20-12, 27-12
Rose Hill Club ‘C’ fell two points behind after dropping a leg away at Prince Of Wales. The first leg was tied 16-16 with Rose Hill winning it on three sticks. POW levelled in the next leg 16-11 before Rose Hill grabbed an important point in the final leg 18-13. Arthur Bowers top scored with eleven dolls (4-2-5).
Phil Jackson was in exceptional form as he clanged off fifteen dolls (4-5-6) and help Three Horseshoes to a 2-1 win at home to Seacourt Bridge. After losing the opening leg 12-14 Horseshoe responded well to win the next two 15-13, 15-12.

Berkshire House finally clinched the Section 7 crown with a 2-1 win over Bullnose Morris ‘B’. Needing one point to secure the title, they claimed that in the first leg 18-12. They won the next 12-10 before Bullnose won the final leg 17-13.

Black Swan led section 9 for most of the season and it finally paid off as they clinched the title with a 3-0 home win over White Hart. Eamon Hanlon led the way with a dozen dolls (4-3-5) as they easily won all three legs 16-12, 18-9, 16-8.

SIXERS: R.Goodall (2) Six Bells ‘C’ Kidlington) J.Glenister (The Woodman) P.Goulding (New Club ‘A’)
S.Greenough (Garsington Sports ‘A’) C.Jenkins, B.Richards, K.Baker (Gladiators) G.Smith (Vikings Sports ‘A’)
C.Hambridge (Bullnose ‘A’) Lu.Purcell (Rose Hill Club ‘A’) S.Tooke (Golden Ball ‘A’) S.King (Red Lion ‘B’ Eynsham)
D.Green (Chequers ‘C’) B.Mossop (Rose Hill Club ‘B’) P.Jackson (Three Horseshoes) S.Peedell (Seacourt Bridge)

BLOBBERS: S.Holden (Six Bells ‘A’ Kidlington) C.Barry (Cowely Workers) T.Buckle (The Blackbird)
L.Perrin (Red Lion ‘B’ Cassington) C.Marsh, K.Downer (Original Swan ‘B’) G.Mills (Red Lion ‘A’ Cassington)

R.Goodall Six Bells \'C\' Kidlington 17
P.Rampton Six Bells \'C\' Kidlington 15
J.Glenister The Woodman 15
P.Jackson Three Horseshoes 15
A.Beal Six Bells \'C\' Kidlington 14
J.Townsend Six Bells \'C\' Kidlington 14
R.Townsend Six Bells \'C\' Kidlington 14
P.Goulding New Club \'A\' 14
C.Jenkins The Gladaitors 14
M.Washington Ampleforth Arms \'A\' 14
S.King Red Lion \'B\' Eynsham 14

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