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Week 13


The last remaining unbeaten record went when The Woodman inflicted the first defeat for Premier Section pace setters The Six Bells ‘C’ Kidlington in a high scoring game in which five maximum sixes were hit. It started of well for the leaders as they won the opening leg 31-22, however The Woodman came storming back to level in the next leg 34-23. The final and deciding leg Six Bells set with 29 and in reply The Woodman left anchor man Paul Bennett needing all six to win the leg. He missed with his first stick but clanged off the next five to send it to three sticks. This was also tied 12-12. In the one stick shoot out Woodman set and won it 5-4. Jon Townsend for The Six Bells was unlucky not to hit the maximum eighteen as he hit sixteen dolls (5-5-6) with the two he missed just millimetres under. He was well supported by Andy Beal (4-3-6) and Ray Townsend (6-4-3) who both hit thirteen dolls while Neil Pratley (4-5-5) and Paul Bennett (3-6-5) were top dogs for The Woodman with fourteen.
Graham Wilsdon was in top form for Black Prince ‘A’ with fourteen dolls (4-5-5) as they just beat The Gladiators in a close encounter 2-1 and boosted their chances of the Section One crown. They set 28 in the first leg and Gladiators left anchor man Keith Weller needing all six to tie the leg, he fell just short by one doll with five. The next leg was tied 27-27 with The Glad’s winning it on three sticks. The last leg Black Prince set and won it 32-29 to give them victory. Alan Holt (Black Prince) and Chris Jenkins and Kevin Baker (The Glad’s) all hit thirteen dolls.
Garsington Sports ‘A’ claimed their second win of the season beating The Ampleforth Arms ‘A’ on their own patch 3-0, in the leg scores 22-20, 24-20, 25-25, the last leg on three sticks.

It’s very tight at the top of Section 2 with only two points separating the top four. The Bullnose Morris ‘A’ move one point clear and dented The Golden Ball ‘A’ chances after coming away with all three points. Golden Ball set the first leg with 20 but in reply The Bullnose anchor man Willy Waite was up for the challenge needing five to win the leg he duly obliged. Bullnose went two up in the next leg 20-14 and claimed maximum points in the final leg on one stick after it was tied 20-20 and 8-8.
Tony Bull smashed off fifteen dolls (5-5-5) to guide Florence Park Club ‘A’ to a 2-1 home win over Six Bells ‘A’ Quarry. The clubmen won the opener 24-18 but lost the next 25-26. They secured victory in the final leg 26-23.
Rose Hill Club ‘A’ had a tight win over visitors Red Lion ‘A’ Kidlington. They had to thank anchor man Kevin Stuart for the first two legs victories. Needing five in the first leg and four in the second to win he managed both, but could not make it a hat trick in the final leg which they lost 21-19.

Den Sellar was in fine form for Section 3 leaders The Crown hitting fourteen dolls (5-3-6) as they came from behind to beat Vikings Sports ‘A’ 2-1 in the leg scores of 18-21, 22-20, 24-20.

Six Bells ‘A’ Kidlington have got one hand on the Section Four crown after recording their twelfth win of the season away at The Masons Arms ‘A’. They won the first two legs 14-11, 22-20 but failed to claim all three legs in the final leg losing it by the closest of margins 15-16.

In Section 5 despite Mark Prince failing to trouble the doll all night Donnington Club ‘C’ still managed to beat The Chequers ‘B’ 3-0. Peter Flaherty hit ten dolls (4-3-3) as they ran out winners 17-11, 18-15, 15-14.
Leaders New Club ‘B’ pull further away with a comfortable 3-0 home win against Vikings Sports ‘C’. Barry Gilding led the way with thirteen dolls (4-4-5) as they won all three legs 19-15, 22-14, 22-15.

The top two met in Section 6 and The King & Queen won a vital victory against Rose Hill Club ‘C’. King & Queen took an early lead winning the first leg 16-10. The next leg was tied 12-12 with The King & Queen winning it on three sticks. Rose Hill grabbed a point in the final leg 12-11.

Northway Club ‘A’ move level top of Section 7 after a well deserved 3-0 win at The Blackbird. Steve Bennett starred with eleven dolls (4-3-4) as they took maximum points 15-12, 14-11, 15-12.
After thirteen attempts, Catherine Wheel finally won a game with their best performance of the season. They came away from The Democrats Club with all three points as they won each leg 13-11, 21-16, 15-14.
In Section 8 Steve Ledwell from The Original Swan ‘A’ was in fantastic form as he clanged of a baker’s dozen (5-4-4) to help them to a maximum home win against Kidlington Football Club. They won the first two legs by huge margins 25-14, 22-8, and then just scrapped by in the final leg 14-12. Team mate Belmont Chahal chipped in with a dozen dolls.
Graham Reading starred for Red Lion ‘B’ Cassington whipping off thirteen dolls (5-5-3) in their 2-1 win at Northway Club ‘B’ in the leg scores of 15-13, 15-18, 15-10.

SIXERS: A.Beal, R.Townsend, J.Townsend (Six Bells ‘C’ Kidlington) C.Buckingham, P.Bennett (The Woodman)
A.Holt, P.Austin (Black Prince ‘A’) C.Jenkins (Gladiators) L.Thompson, M.Herbert (Red Lion ‘A’ Eynsham)
R.Taylor (New Club ‘A’) K.Giles (Ampleforth ‘A’) B.Trinder (Garsington Sports ‘A’) S.Walton (Kennington Club)
D.Sellar (The Crown) J.Morrison (Masons Arms ‘B’)
BLOBBERS: T.Reeves (Vikings Sports ‘B’) M.Prince (Donnington Club’ C’) R.Allport (Littlemore B.L.)
T.Poach (Seacourt Bridge) A.Henderson (Six Bells ‘D’) T.Godfrey (Pheasant Inn ‘B’) D.Clancy (Kings Arms) M.Goodenough, V.Kemish (Headiington Con Club) R.Johnman (Golden Ball ‘B’) D.Rees (White Hart)

J.Townsend Six Bells \'C\' Kidlington 16
T.Bull Florence Park \'A\' 15
N.Pratley The Woodman 14
P.Bennett The Woodman 14
G.Wilsdon Black Prince \'A\' 14
D.Sellar The Crwon 14
R.Townsend Six Bells \'C\' Kidlington 13
A.Beal Six Bells \'C\' Kidlington 13
A.Holt Black Prince \'A\' 13
C.Jenkins The Gladaitors 13
K.Weller The Gladaitors 13
L.Thompson Red Lion \'A\' Eynsham 13
A.Shepherd New Club \'A\' 13
K.Giles Ampleforth Arms \'A\' 13
S.Walton Kennington Club 13
B.Gilding New Club \'B\' 13
G.Reading Red Lion \'B\' Cassington 13
S.Ledwell Original Swan ‘A’ 13

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