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5th August Report

Philip Adams clanged off 17 dolls 6-6-5 as The Cricketers had to come from behind to beat The Six Bells 2-1 in the Premier Section. Six Bells won the opening leg 31-29 but Cricketers drew level in the next leg 31-28. The Cricketers then set 32 in the final and deciding leg. Six Bells started slowly but recovered enough to leave anchor man Fred Sawyer six to tie the leg. Sawyer showing no nerves whipped of six clean dolls to send the leg into 3 sticks. Cricketers set a mammoth 16 dolls which was enough as Six Bells fell 3 dolls short to give The Cricketers the win. Adams missed with his 13th stick, while Sawyer and Roger Goodall both hit 14 dolls for The Six Bells.
Adrian Shepherd bagged himself 15 dolls 5-6-4 but it was in vain as New Club lost away at The Black Swan 2-1. Martin Green top scored for The Black Swan with 12 dolls 4-4-4, as they lost the first leg 23-17 but won the next two legs 27-24, 25-18.
It was not unlucky thirteen for Robin Charlton as he hit a bakers dozen (4-5-4) as Vikings Sports defeated The Red Lion 2-1. The game was over after the first two legs Vikings scoring 24 & 25 to Red Lions reply of 23 & 22. Lion grabbed a point in the final leg 22-15.
Ken Maunder (Garsington Sports) 6-4-4 and Steve Walton (The George) 5-4-5 both hit 14 dolls but it was The George who got maximum points wining all three legs 29-21, 30-26, 31-26.

In Section 2 Mark Poulter smashed off 14 dolls (5-5-4) for The White Hart as they beat The Gladiators 2-1.Glads took an early lead winning the first leg 22-20 but White Hart came back well to take the next two legs 28-19, 27-23. Malcolm Elliott was top dog for The Glad’s with 14 dolls 5-4-5.
Only one doll separated The Dogwood and The Turners Arms and it needed a three stick shoot out to decide the winner. Turners Arms won the first leg 21-19, Dogwood levelled in the second leg 23-22 and Turners Arms set 21 in the final leg. Dogwood replied erratically leaving anchor man Robin Busby six to win. He almost carried it off but fell one doll short to send the leg into three sticks. Turners Arms wining the leg and match on the three stick shoot out. Paul Holt top scored for The Dogwood with 13 dolls 4-5-4.

Veteran Norman Holloway showed the youngsters he can still throw a good stick as he clanged off 15 dolls 4-5-6 for The Red Lion Marston as they beat Green Road Club 2-1 in Section 3.
Lion won the opening leg 24-19 with Green Road club winning the second leg 23-20. Lion came storming back in the final leg taking it 28-17.

White House Bladon came away from Cowley Con Club with maximum points thanks to some fine throwing from Mic Foreman who hit thirteen dolls Section 5. They won all three legs 18-14, 21-15, 17-15

In Section 6 it was a long night at The Nelson as they lost to The Queens Head 2-1. With the game nicely poised at 1-1 the final leg was tied 18-18, three sticks could not seperate the teams and down to one stick shoot out was also tied. Back to six sticks and Queens Head finally triumphed. Stan Hawkswood threw well for his 11 dolls 3-5-3 for The Queens Head.

Section 8 teams Chequers ‘C’ and Red Lion Wendlebury both hit 48 dolls apiece but it was The Red Lion who won 2-1. First blood went to The Lion 21-18 with Chequers levelling 21-12. Final leg was tied 15-15 but The Lion just got the edge on three sticks.
Graham Reading smashed off 14 dolls 5-4-5 for Red Lion Eynsham but they still lost away at Red Lion Casssington 2-1.Leg scores being 22-18, 9-19, 24-16.

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