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15th July Pairs Report

The league took a rest as the Pairs competitions got underway. Played at four different venues down to the winner, who then go through to the semi-finals played at a later date, last years winners and runners up were both knocked out. Played at The George, holders Pip Goulding & Den Seller from The Cricketers won their opening game 2-1 against Adrian Shepherd and Dick Simmonds from The New Club. However in the next round against Keith Powell & John Greenaway from The Red Lion Eynsham they lost the opening leg won the next, but lost the final and deciding leg.
Winners from this group were Steve Ward & Pete Rampton from The Six Bells Kidlington. They had a difficult opener as they were drawn against Kevin Baker & Ivor Clarke from The Cricketers but managed to beat them 2-1. They then beat team mates Dick Walsh & Paul Sawyer 2-1. In the final game they had a comfortable 2-0 win against Keith Powell & John Greenaway.

At The Black Swan last years runners up Andy Beal & Roger Goodall from The Six Bells just got the better of team mates Phil Austin & Steve Horne. They won the first leg but had to rely on a three stick shoot out to win the second leg and match. In the next round they were again drawn against team mates, this time Ady Cross and Alan Goodgame. Beal & Goodall won the opening leg with a score of 8 and then set the next leg with 8 which was tied. Goodgame & Cross won the three sticks to tie the game and then went on the win the final leg 7-6.
Winners of this group were Willy Waite & Den Butler from The George who were nearly knocked out in the first round by youngsters Liam & Luke Purcell from The New Club. They won the opening leg and then set 8 in the next leg. Butler clanged off four dolls and Willy Waite also hit four after missing with his first two sticks to tie the leg. The Purcells then set 4 in the three sticks but Bulter with 2 and Waite with 3 dolls just won the leg. They then went on to win the final leg after chasing a set of 5.
Waite & Butler beat Goodgame & Cross in the final game.

At The Chequers Phil Wilkins & Jon Townsend battled their way through this group. They had a difficult start but beat Kevin Giles & Dave Sawyer from The George 2-0. Wilkins whipping of a 6 & 5 in his throws. In the next round they were set 6 by Ken Maunder & Trevor Greenaway from Garsington Sports Club. In reply Wilkins opened up with 3 and Townsend hit 4 to win the leg. Maunder & Greenaway levelled in the next leg 9-8 but went down in the final leg 9-6.
In the final game they played Mick Phipps and Dave Townsend from The Three Pigeons who won the opening leg with a set of 9, with Townsend bagging himself his second six of the night in the process. The next leg went to Wilkins and Townsend and then they set ten in the final leg which was more than enough to give them victory.

The final venue at The Gladiators was won by Robin Busby & Ray Townsend from The Dogwood who beat Tommy Recht and Garry Smith from Garsington Sports.

In the lower pairs Darren Cox and Keith Bull from Team Monarch will play Dave Soanes and Antony Hayes in the Final.

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