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6th May report

Kevin Giles clanged off all 18 dolls for The George Littlemore but still ended up on the losing side as they lost 2-1 at home to Six Bells Kidlington in the Premier Section. It’s the second time Kevin has hit the maximum but it was dampened with the loss. George set 30 in the opening leg with The Six Bells falling just one short with 29. Six Bells then set 30 in the next leg and with the George also hitting 30 it went to a three stick play off, with the Bells hitting 16 George fell a couple of dolls short. The final and deciding leg George set 28 but the Six Bells were on top form and replied with an impressive 33. Roger Goodall and Paul Sawyer both hit 15 (4-5-6) for The Six Bells. Les Disley hit 14 dolls 5-4-5 for The George.
John Greenaway (6-5-1) and Lee Thompson (6-4-5) led the way for The Red Lion Eynsham as they won all three legs at home to Kidlington Sports, 32-16, 23-17, 25-15.
Three Pigeons beat newcomers Viking Sports 3-0. Nei Lyon hit 3-4-5 as they won all thre legs 20-17, 25-16, 25-21.
New Club had a fine win at home to Garsington Sports 2-1. Luke Purcell top scored with 12 dolls 3-4-5 in the leg scores 25-17, 17-21, 24-18.
Cricketers had a comfortable 3-0 win at home to Black Swan, winning all three legs 30-22, 26-18, 27-15.
Gavin Stubbs hit 12 dolls 3-3-6 for The Dogwood but they still lost 2-1 to The Chequers in Section 2.
In Section 3 Donnington Clubs Brian Simpson was in top form as he whipped off 14 dolls 4-5-5 in their 3-0 win away at Green Road Club. He was well supported by Dennis Stopper who hit a six in his 11 dolls taking all three legs 17-14, 25-19-, 20-17.
It was unlucky 13 for Highfield Club’s Keith Vickers as he hit a six in his bakers dozen 3-6-4 but still ended up on the losing side to The Woodman 2-1. Highfield lost the first two legs 16-19, 16-19 but grabbed a point in the final leg 20-14.
It wasn’t unlucky 13 though for Cross Keys Jeff Glenister as he also hit 13 dolls 4-5-4 but ended up on the winning team as they beat Red Lion Marston 2-1.
They lost the first leg 17-18 but came back well to take the next two 23-20, 25-19.

Very little could separate The Crown & Whitmore Arms in Section 4 as the first two legs were drawn 14-14, 21-21 with The Whitmore Arms wining the first leg on three sticks and the second went to 3, 1 and back to six sticks before they triumphed 20-13. Crown won the final leg 18-16.

The Democrats Club proved too strong for Kidlington Sports ‘A’ in Section 5 as they won all three legs quite comfortably 23-13, 17-14, 25-11. Sid Siddle was top dog with 13 dolls 5-3-5.

In Section 6 Northway Club beat Team Monarch 3-0 but the shorelines was cruel on Team Monarch. The first leg was tied 19-19, Northway winning it on three sticks, Northway won the second leg but again the third leg was tied 16-16. Northway once again wining it on three sticks. Darren Cox top scored for Monarch with 13 dolls 6-4-3.
Ex Nott’s Forest and Aston Villa star Garry Parker is finding Aunt Sally more difficult than his football as he could only muster 3 dolls 1-X-2 for Six Bells ‘A’ Kidlington. His team mates rallied though to give them a 2-1 win at The Queens Head, 17-15, 14-16, 20-14.

Gladiators ‘B’ just beat Red Lion Cassington despite scoring one doll less in Section 8. With the game nicely poised at one leg each 12-14, 17-16, the final leg was drawn 13-13. Three sticks could not separate them as they tied 9-9 and it was in the one stick shoot out that The Glad’s won 2-1.

In Section 11 Oxford Rugby Club beat Cricketers Arms ‘B’ despite scoring four dolls less, they won the opening two legs by the odd doll 8-7, 11-10 but lost the final leg 14-17. Brian Haywood was top dog for The Rugby men while Keith Barrett hit 8 dolls for The Cricketers.

SIXERS K.Giles (3) Den Bulter (George). R.Goodall, P.Sawyer (Six Bells) J.Greenaway, L.Thompson (Red Lion Eynsham) G.Stubbs (Dogwood) D.Stopper (Donnington Club) K.Vickers (Highfield Club) T.Bagnal (Crown) D.Cox (Team Monarch) L.Gillett (Littlemore Rugby Club)
BLOBBERS D.Levy (Unicorn Inn) C.Lawes, S.Lawes, M.McCarthy (The Crown)
M.Jordan, H.Parrish,B.McLeish (Turners Arms ‘B’) M.Drew (Cricketers Cowley)
M.Stimpson, N.#Gardiner (Cricketers Littleworth) S.Fincher, K.Crawford (Kings Arms) R.Langley (J.R.Club) M.Sinclair(George Botley) G.Price (Jack Russell)
D.Newman, R.Broome, I.Cox (Kite Inn)

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