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Greene King Cup & Jim Whitbread - 06/06/2017

The 1st Round of the Greene King & Jim Whitbread Cup results are coming in.

The results of The Greene King & Jim Whitbread Cup are in the competitions section.


Oxford Mail reports

We will be given more space for the Aunt Sally reports in the Oxford Mail. Therefore if you can send Andy Beal team photos (e-mail, text, or WhatsApp with names) and individual photos of any player hitting a high score, I will see if we can get them in with the report.

GAMES CALLED OFF - 17/05/2017

Games called off due to weather.

With heavy rainfall forecast for tonight any games that are called off you must inform the secretary within 24 hours and the game must be played within 28 days. Arrange a date tonight, do not leave it until the last moment.
Any games started must be completed.


All the Competition draws have been made

All the competition draws have been made and are in the Competition section. Please note NO hard copies will be sent out. Please download the sheets from the website.


Entrants for competitions are now closed

The draw will take place on Monday 15th May and put on the website soon after.

Competition Forms PLEASE READ - 26/04/2017

Competition Forms PLEASE READ URGENT

Some competition forms may have been sent out with the wrong entrance fee information.
Please scrap them or download new ones from the Competitions section.
Entrance Fees are as follows:
Eight a side: £5.00 per team
Fours: £4.00 per team
Pairs: £4.00 per pair
Parent & Child : £4.00
Under 21's: £3.00

RESULT CARDS - 25/04/2017

All result cards must be sent in by the winning team within five days after the game.

All hard copies of the result cards must be sent in, but I will accept a picture from the phone or an e-mail at first to be able to update the website quickly. Please take a picture of the scoreboard or the result card in case it goes missing in the post.

FIXTURE SHEETS Etc - 11/04/2017

Fixtures sheets, results cards, rules and competition sheets can be collected from The Gladiators Club on Tuesday 18th April from 7.30pm

FIXTURE SHEET - 06/04/2017

First draft fixture sheet will be on the website tonight, Thursday 6th April.



Please see below the list of teams for this season. Grading meeting takes place on Monday 3rd April.
League will start Wednesday April 26th

Black Horse A
Black Horse B
Black Horse C
Black Prince
Black Swan
Bullnose Morris A
Bullnose Morris B
Catherine Wheel A
Catherine Wheel B
Chequers A
Chequers B
Chequers C
Cricketers A Cowley
Cricketers B Cowley
Cricketers Littleworth
Democrats Club A
Democrats Club B
Donnington Club A
Donnington Club B
Donnington Club C
Florence Park Club
Fox & Goat
Garsington Sports B
Garsington Sports A
Gladiators A
Gladiators B
Gladiators C
Golden Ball
Green Road Club A
Green Road Club B
Headington Con Club
Kidlington F.C.
King & Queen
Kings Arms Kidlington
Littlemore B.L. A
Littlemore B.L. B
Marston B.L.
Masons A
Masons B
New Club A
New Club B
Northway Club A
Northway Club B
Northway Club C
Original Swan A
Original Swan B
Queens Head
Red Lion B Yarnton
Red Lion A Cassington
Red Lion A Yarnton
Red Lion Old Marston
Rose Hill A
Seacourt Bridge A
Seacourt Bridge B
Six Bells A Kidlington
Six Bells A Quarry
Six Bells B Kidlington
Six Bells B Quarry
Six Bells D Kidlington
Six Bells E Kidlington
The Blackbird
The George A
The George B
The Swan A
The Swan B
The Swan C
The Tandem
The Woodman
Three Pigeons
Tiddington Cricket Club
Vikings A
Vikings B
Vikings C
Vikings D
White Hart A Wolvercote
White Hart B Wolvercote
White Hart Wytham
White House

Reserve List
North Oxford Con Club B
Rose Hill Club B



We now have 80 teams entered for the league. This will consist of eight sections of 10. Any entrants that arrive now will go onto the reserve list. Unless we get an extra nine teams, these late entrants will not be able to take part in the league this season.
Sorry, but warnings were given and we do not want the situation where we have eight sections with only nine teams in.

We have room for seven more teams. After that all forms received will go on a reserve list and will only be accepted if we can make up a full section.
If we have enough teams from Sunday 19th entrance will be closed. This will be reviewed daily.

It was decided at the meeting to raise the entrance fees to enter the league and competitions. These have not been raised for over ten years. Costs of running the league have gone up and the number of teams have declined.
The £3.00 entrance fee per player remains the same, but there is now and extra £5.00 added per team.
Competitions fees will be going up slightly for each competition.

SPARE ALLEY - 07/03/2017

Spare Alley

The Original Swan Cowley has room for a team to take part in the league this year. Contact 07823 440322 if you wish to play.

FINALS NIGHT - 20/02/2017

Finals night date & venue

The 2017 finals and presentation night will take place on Friday 13th October at the Kassam stadium.

Annual Genral Meeting - 01/01/2017

The meeting will take place at The Gladiators Club, Iffley Road, 8.00pm start. All welcome. Any changes to rules must be with the secretary by January 2nd.

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